How did Messi do playing against the celeste in Uruguay?

How did Messi do playing against the celeste in Uruguay?

Speculation is over. Messi play in Uruguay. Recovered from an injury and overcome the ailments, the captain of Argentina He is ready to face the sky blue team for the Qualifiers. And as before each game, among Uruguayans the question arises about how to control the Argentine 10. Nobody escapes that Messi is one of the best players in the world, however, he could never score a goal in Uruguay.

Statistics say that the captain of the Scaloni team was three in Montevideo and his luck was mixed: he won one game, lost another and called the remainder.

The first time Messi played in Uruguay was in 2005. He was 18 years old and had to face a tough duo of central defenders made up of Diego Lugano and Paolo Montero, while Darío Rodríguez and Carlos Diogo played on the wings. As if that were not enough, in the midfield was the Canary Pablo García.

Messi was not a starter that night of October 12, 2005, but coach José Pekerman sent him to the field with 11 minutes remaining in the game to replace Luis González.

Uruguay won 1 to 0 with a goal from Chino Álvaro Recoba at the minute of the second half. The peculiarity occurred that when Messi entered the field of play the teams were in “non-aggression pact” mode.. Argentina, which was already classified, took their foot off the gas and began to play to the sides, making it easier for Uruguay to access the Repechage.

The second time that Messi played against Uruguay in Montevideo was on October 14, 2009 for the qualifying qualifiers for the World Cup in South Africa 2010. Argentina came to that match at a critical moment. Despite the stars that he gathered in his team, he suffered the qualifying rounds and ran the risk of not qualifying.

The group was technically led by Diego Armando Maradona. Messi started, played 86 minutes and his performance was so poor that the newspaper The country He rated it 4 points and titled a note: “He was out for a walk.” In it it was stated that: “The best player in the world was harmless during his time in Uruguay but the criticism was attenuated by the work and grace of the result and the classification.”

Is this the one from Barcelona? Jorge De León wondered in his comment on Last News. Argentina won 1 to 0 with an agonizing goal from Mario Bolatti and qualified directly for the World Cup in fourth place in the table, while Uruguay had to settle its place in a Repechage against Costa Rica.

Messi was absent in the match corresponding to the 2014 Brazil Qualifiers. On that occasion Uruguay won 3-2 and Éver Banega played with Argentina’s 10th.

The last antecedent of Messi playing in Uruguayan territory dates from August 31, 2017 for the Qualifiers for the World Cup in Russia.

Argentina was technically led by Jorge Sampaoli and on the 10th he played the 90 minutes. He was the most outstanding player in a match that ended 0-0. Fernando Muslera placeholder image He covered two goal actions and at the beginning of the second half the midfielder Álvaro González entered him very hard and was saved from seeing the red card.

In this way, Messi’s statistics in Uruguay can be summarized in three games. In the first one he entered with 10 minutes to go and limited himself to playing to the sides. In the second he was harmless and in the last he was a prominent figure. And a detail: he never scored a goal playing in Uruguayan territory.

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