NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 10

NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 10

The first half of the NFL regular season concluded and it is not absurd to assure that this first portion of the calendar has been irregular, although there are very firm candidates to consider them the biggest surprises or disappointments of the year.

In any case, this irregularity has made us witness situations that could be considered almost as anomalies, such as seeing three solid contenders stumble in the same week and fall in a noisy way: the Dallas Cowboys overwhelmed at home by the Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills were victims of one of the weakest teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Los Angeles Rams, also clearly outmatched at home, by a Tennessee Titans without their best man.

Surprises are part of life in an NFL in which there is no small enemy and they not only affect the teams, but also those who venture to give their predictions in this art of predicting the future, such as the experts at ESPN Deportes. , who offer us their analysis and picks for Week 10.


CARLOS NAVA / Twitter: @TapaNava

The Buffalo Bills, because of the type of rivals they have lost to and their inconsistency.

They played in the AFC Final last season and arrived as favorites to reach that stage again, but they already lost to two teams that could meet again in the Postseason.

Worse still, they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have little to nothing and only allowed the Bills to score six points. Buffalo was a 15.5-point favorite among bettors to win that game.

ALFONSO MANCILLA / Twitter: @poncho_mancilla

As the Rams console their losses by adding more stars to their roster and the Buffalo Bills seemed like just an unintended way to cheer Urban Mayer and the Jaguars, the red lights could start to shine on the Dallas Cowboys.

The way the Denver Broncos outplayed some home-field Cowboys could show that Dallas was already on a downward trend after tight wins over the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings.

If he did not adjust and lose to the Atlanta Falcons, one could speak of the first crisis of the season in Dallas. The loss is not far-fetched, as injuries continue to pile up on the Cowboys’ defense and they now face a solid attack led by quarterback Matt Ryan and head coach Arthur Smith.

The positive part of the matter would be that the balloon in which the followers of the Lone Star team were hanging could deflate before causing more emotional damage.


Honestly, I don’t think any of them raise concerns, because I consider that all three are still candidates.

That said, the Bills’ offense looked totally out of sync against Jacksonville. Josh Allen has had a bumpy year and Buffalo needs him to show off last year’s version if they are to make the Super Bowl. Allen has had, specifically, problems before Cover 2, when the rivals leave the two safe at the back. Defenses are essentially challenging the Bills to run, and their running game has been ineffective. To make matters worse, injuries have impacted the Bills on the offensive line.

Buffalo’s attack has the talent to wake up, but it doesn’t go through a good time.

IVIS ABURTO / Twitter: @IvisAburto

With the arrival of Odell Beckham Jr., I would think that the Rams alone put themselves in the risk zone because of the receiver’s history of tantrums, but, specifically, I must point out the Cowboys as the team that worries the most of the three contenders who were ambushed in Week 9.

The reason is simple: after the way the team collapsed in 2020 after losing Dak Prescott, we might have considered it normal that Dallas would have suffered a notable drop in performance against the Minnesota Vikings without him, but we already know what It happened with Cooper Rush leading that offense in his first game as a starter, but the Cowboys were not expected to be dominated, at home and with Prescott back, from start to finish against the Denver Broncos.

The Cowboys have a solid team in all their lines, especially on offense, and it was difficult for them to maintain the level of performance with which they began the regular season on both sides of the ball. Surely they will recover from the setback against Denver, but perhaps that loss will make us see a Dallas team that perhaps was not as good as we were led to believe, but not so bad as to be subdued again as the Broncos did.

PABLO VIRUEGA / Twitter: @PabloViruega

The Cowboys worry more because in the case of Rams and Bills, both have a defense that supports them and Dallas has played well for steals, but statistically it still allows a lot of yards and points. This unit is better than last year, but it still has its weaknesses.

Denver’s victory was not the work of chance. It was a good game plan in which the Broncos managed to balance the attack on the ground and in the air to hurt the defense of the Cowboys, who also played badly on attack.

The Rams and Bills also have their vulnerabilities, as no one has the perfect team, but there is more talent on the defensive end compared to what Dallas has.

Remember that if a team is a favorite in a game or for a season, it does not necessarily mean that it has to devastate its rivals and less in the NFL.


CHARLIE: It is very difficult for the Seahawks to think about the Playoffs, even if their quarterback returns and they are only in the middle of their season.

Seattle (3-5) is in an NFC West where there are two of the best teams in the conference, the Arizona Cardinals (8-1) and the Los Angeles Rams (7-2).

Among their remaining nine games they have to face the Rams, to whom they already lost, twice the Cardinals, in addition to their Sunday game against the Green Bay Packers. Worse still, his defense doesn’t stop anyone and Wilson only plays quarterback.

ALFONSO: I don’t know Rick, it seems fake.

Seattle not only competes in one of the most powerful divisions in the league, but also appears far behind in the race for tickets as wild cards in the NFC Playoffs with a 3-mark against the records of the Rams, Saints, Falcons, Panthers and Vikings. .

The next two weeks, in which they face Green Bay and Arizona, will determine if Wilson will be enough to pick up the mess left by Geno Smith or if it will be better to think about a rebuilding season for 2022.

SEBASTIAN: They’re just one game away from the last wild card, so the answer is that they clearly have a chance to qualify, but even if that ends up happening, I don’t think the Seahawks are candidates for the title.

There are five good teams in the NFC (Rams, Cardinals, Packers, Buccaneers and Cowboys) and the rest is a wave of mediocrity.

While Wilson will give them a major quality jump, the defense has to play a lot better if the Seahawks are to be genuine contenders. The good news is that they have improved in recent weeks. The bad news is that before that rebound, they were at a historically bad level.

IVIS: Yes, with Wilson, the Seahawks are back in the fight for a playoff berth, but maybe as the last wild card.

Without their quarterback, although their brand has them in the fight for that postseason ticket, it would really be more difficult for them to win it, but with Wilson, who is the soul of this team, the possibility of landing that last pass is real for the Seahawks. .

The only problem is that going into Week 10, the Seahawks practically already depend on third parties to some extent, since they do not have direct duels with teams that are above them in the fight for that last playoff berth (Minnesota, Carolina and Atlanta ) and instead, they still have two difficult games left against the Arizona Cardinals, one against the Rams and one against the 49ers.

PABLO: As every year, it may happen that the Seahawks can fight for a playoff berth because of Wilson’s presence, but to go far, they must improve their defense, which has been one of the biggest problems in recent seasons.

The schedule is complicated by the division they are in with the Rams and Cardinals, in addition to facing the Packers, so they will have to win every game outside their division and one against the greats of the same to have a medium chance of reaching.

The Seahawks now play without margin of error and with a quarterback who returns, but who may not be 100 percent and with a highly vulnerable defense, I see it difficult to get into the Playoffs.


CHARLIE: The Cardinals are the biggest positive surprise of this season. Many thought they had great talent to compete, but few that mid-season would have the best record in the NFL or were even at the top of the division that was supposed to be the strongest in the entire NFL.

Also, Arizona plays good soccer on both sides of the ball and their wins have been well worked out.

The negative surprise must be the Miami Dolphins, whose project should result this year in the Playoffs and which, for a good amount of illusions, made them favorites in their division. Now they fight for the first overall pick in the next draft.

ALFONSO: When the season started, it was taken for granted that Miami would have the talent to show itself as powerful dolphins.

The truth is that between injuries, bad fortune and poor performance of some of their players, in the middle of the season they have seemed rather like charales.

The most striking thing about the case is that Miami has three seasons in which it had high collegiate selections and said recruitment has been left to be expected.

Obviously, among them, the case of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the most iconic because of the bet that management made on him. If they don’t give the stretch, the Dolphins will hardly straighten out their project for the future.

SEBASTIAN: The answer has yet to be the Dallas Cowboys. Despite the disappointing loss to the Broncos, they remain division leaders and look like one of the most complete teams in the league, something that I would have had a hard time anticipating before the start of the season, given the disastrous level their defense showed this year. last.

Also, there was uncertainty surrounding Dak Prescott’s recovery from injury and we wondered if the offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott would dominate again. All those questions were answered in a positive way, they were right once again in the draft and the result is in sight.

IVIS: The obvious thing would be to say that the Cardinals, but it seems to me that the Cincinnati Bengals stand as the most pleasant surprise in the middle of the road, because nobody expected, and I dare say that not even they, that they had a positive mark (5-4 ) heading into Week 10.

Even more surprising is that the offensive trident made up of quarterback Joe Burrow, running back Joe Mixon and rookie catcher Ja’Marr Chase has clicked so effectively since the beginning of the season and strengthened as a base around the which the Bengals build for a future that looks promising.

As a team already in the advanced or intermediate stages of rebuilding under coach Zach Taylor, the Bengals will suffer normal ups and downs, but in an uneven AFC, it is not absurd to think that they can get into the playoffs and accelerate their maturing process.

PABLO: Arizona, no doubt.

He’s never been 8-1 in his history and he’s doing so not only by playing well on the offensive end but has progressed on the defensive end, even though he will have to do so for the rest of the season without JJ Watt.

No one would have imagined that, by the middle of the season, the Cardinals would lead the NFC West ahead of the Rams and Seahawks, who came out as favorites, while San Francisco with a healthy roster is a contender.

The challenge for Arizona will be to beat the division to the Rams, who in the last few days were made of Von Miller and OBJ

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