Organizations will evaluate how Weight Bridger works in CMB before implementing it, says Mauricio Sulaimán

Organismos evaluarán cómo funciona peso Brigder en CMB antes de implementarlo, asegura Mauricio Sulaimán

After the World Boxing Council I create a new division in boxing, the Bridger weight division, the other three bodies that govern this sport worldwide will evaluate for a few months what happens with the CMB before deciding whether to include it in their championships.

The previous week the presidents of the four organizations met in Puerto Rico: Mauricio Sulaimán (CMB), Gilberto Mendoza Jr (AMB), Francisco Valcárcel (OMB) and Daryl Peoples (FIB), where the first spoke of said Bridger weight division.

“The topic was raised,” he said. Mauricio Sulaiman in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “They agreed that they want to see what happens in the tip to eventually evaluate and see if they add the Bridger in your body. “

The Bridger weight seeks to eliminate large differences in weight in the complete

The CMB installed the Bridger weight division between cruisers and heavyweights. The category ranges from 201 to 224 pounds. It has the objective of preventing heavy fights from having a lot of weight difference.

He added that the holders of the AMB, OMB and FIB they will wait for how this new division evolves in the organization based in Mexico. Nevertheless, Sulaiman made it clear that the other organizations also agree that there is a large difference in weights in some boxers in the complete ones.

“They are waiting to see how it turns out,” added the Mexican leader. “They agree that there is a difference in the weight of champions, but they will wait to evaluate a little longer.”

Given the difference in weights that came to occur in the division of the completes, even 40 pounds or more among some boxers, the CMB decided to create the Bridger division.

The name of the division is in honor of the child Bridger walker, who rescued her sister from a dog attack. The six-year-old boy suffered bites to his face and required 90 stitches.

Óscar Rivas, the first champion of the new category

On October 22, the Colombian Oscar Rivas beat the canadian Ryan rozicki to make history and proclaim himself the first champion of this weight.

On the other hand, Mauricio Sulaiman said that the meeting between the four presidents of the agencies was good and that all will be invited to the 59th Annual Convention of the CMB, which will take place from November 15 to 18 in Mexico City.

“It was a good and productive meeting,” he concluded. Mauricio Sulaiman. “It is an idea that came about for a long time and fortunately it happened, we are looking forward in boxing. They are all invited, initially they will be present, we will see the confirmations soon ”.

Óscar Rivas defeated Ryan Rozicki and is the first Bridger weight world champion in history

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