Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get back in time with the Seahawks and Packers

Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers couldn't get back in time with the Seahawks and Packers

The Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers will face off in Week 10, after literally both suffering from the absence of their key men, uarterbacks Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, respectively.

While the Seahawks did not have Wilson for three weeks with a finger injury, the Packers did not have Rodgers in Week 9 after the quarterback’s controversial COVID-19 positive.

Thus, both teams confirmed their deepest fear: without Wilson and Rodgers, Seattle and Green Bay are ordinary teams.

The Seahawks lost the Week 5 game against the Los Angeles Rams and in which Wilson suffered the injury and with Geno Smith in command of the offense, they fell by a field goal in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers and also by three points in a close duel against the New Orleans Saints. Without its starting quarterback, Seattle could only beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the weakest teams in the league.

It is likely that with Wilson on the field, the Seahawks could have won at least one of the meetings against the Steelers or Saints, but reality indicates that unless they play an inferior team, at least they will find it very difficult to beat teams with a winning brand.

For their part, without Rodgers, the Packers fell on a visit to the Kansas City Chiefs in a game they had within reach, but could not win due to the inexperience of Jordan Love, who started his first game as a starter in the NFL.

Since Rodgers took over as starting quarterback in 2008, the Packers are 133-64-1 (.674) and averaging 27.1 points per game, while without the No. 12, their record is 6-12-1. with 20 points per game.

Against the Chiefs, the Packers lost 13-7, indicating that the seven more points on average Green Bay scores with Rodgers on the field may have been the difference in their favor against the Chiefs.

The current situation for the Seahawks is similar. In 2021, before Wilson went away with injury to end his 149-game streak as a starter, his offense averaged 6.5 yards per play, but without him, that figure dropped to 4.7 yards.

In short, Wilson and Rodgers are the difference between victory and defeat for the Seahawks and Packers, respectively, anticipating an interesting matchup at Lambeau Field this Sunday.

Perhaps Rodgers rubs his hands not only for his return but to take advantage of the weakness of the Seattle defense, which is the second that allows the most yards per game this season (401.5).

For their part, with Wilson back, the Seahawks will seek to shake off the dominance they have been subjected to by Green Bay at Lambeau Field, where Seattle has only won once in 11 visits, in the 1999 season, and where they have suffered nine consecutive defeats. since then.

The mission will not be easy for Wilson, as the rivalry between Seahawks and Packers has tilted in favor of the local teams, who are 18-5 and the last nine meetings between these teams have been won by the home team.

The last time the visitor won was in 2008, when Rodgers led the Packers to a 27-17 victory over the Seahawks who had Charlie Frye as their starting quarterback.

ESPN Stats & Information contributed to this report.

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