“There is nothing”: Chocolatito González says there is no progress to fight with Gallo Estrada

No hay nada: Chocolatito González dice que no hay avances para pelear con Gallo Estrada

Although the third fight with Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada is not confirmed, Román “Chocolatito” González It is already being prepared in the United States and knows that if it were to materialize it would be just as spectacular as the previous two.

“There is nothing yet, nothing is confirmed yet,” said the Chocolatito González. “I think it’s going to be a tremendous fight like the second one. We are both good warriors, we give an excellent fight, it is a fact that it will be a good fight ”.

In an interview with Fight Hype, the four-time Nicaraguan champion recalled that the second fight was somewhat controversial. The Chocolatito González assures that many saw him win, although it was the Gallo Estrada who came out with his arm raised. However, he is motivated to complete the trilogy, possibly the first quarter of 2022, even with a tentative date of January 22.

“It was a well-motivated fight and people liked it,” he commented. Roman Gonzalez. “I am very motivated and that is why we are training to put up an excellent fight. It always motivates me more ”.

After more than a week since he arrived in Coachella, California, where he will do his preparation, the Central American was grateful and confident that he will arrive in optimal condition for his next fight.

“I’m here training to keep myself and see what comes along the way,” commented the Chocolatito González. “We are super good, thanking God that we are in good health, we are well motivated.”

“I don’t think anyone will stop Canelo,” says Chocolatito

On the other hand, Roman Gonzalez regarding the last performance of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez. The Mexican was proclaimed undisputed champion of the super middlemen the previous Saturday after beating in 11 rounds to Caleb Plant, and assured that at this time there is no one who can with the Mexican.

“Tremendous fight, he has shown what he has,” he acknowledged Roman of the Canelo. “He is a good fighter that today, I don’t think anyone will stop him. I don’t think (that there is anyone who can beat him), he is very strong ”.

He made it clear that the condition displayed by the Canelo in each of his fights, just as he did before Caleb Plant at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, “it helps him focus on the moment of the fight to do his job well.”

Roman Gonzalez, who has been straw, mini, fly and super fly champion, fought for the last time on March 13. He lost a highly contested split decision with him Gallo Estrada, a result that did not make the Nicaraguan happy.

In a fight that was put against him, Canelo Álvarez managed to knock out Caleb Plant in the 11

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