Bump! The Spanish Kiko Martínez brutally knocked out Kid Galahad and is once again crowned world champion

¡Batacazo! El español Kiko Martínez noqueó brutalmente a Kid Galahad y vuelve a coronarse campeón mundial

The Spanish Kiko Martinez He gave the big surprise by spectacularly knocking out the English at home Kid galahad Saturday afternoon, in Sheffield, England, to take away the featherweight world championship of the FIB.

A) Yes, Martinez He was re-crowned world champion seven years after losing the super bantamweight world championship of the FIB against Carl Frampton. Kiko returns to give a world championship to Spain.

The Iberian was growing in the fight, despite suffering troubles in the first round against the English. Thus, until achieving two important demolitions on the English.

It was at the end of the fifth round, when Kiko Martinez connected a brutal right hand to the face of Kid Galahad that fell in an ugly way, like a board to the canvas. The Englishman got up in poor condition, and was saved by the bell to finish the round.

But even though the bell saved him, Galahad it was in bad condition, and the rest was not enough to recover the English. Galahad came out to the sixth round, and Martinez it was for him. And in a knockdown that was a copy of the first, Kiko Martinez He connected another right to the face, in the same area of ​​the ring, and Galahad It fell back like a table.

The referee immediately stopped the bout, and Kid galahad he had to be assisted by the medical personnel in the ring, to come to his senses, and begin to recover. This, while Kiko Martinez euphorically he celebrated a very important triumph for Spanish boxing, and for his own career.

Kiko Martinez He is crowned world champion again seven years later, in his second different weight division. And the last star fighter of Spanish boxing, already 35 years old, refuses to go out.

Martinez went to hit England, and his career is more alive than ever.

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