Final Relocation Tournament: Ceibos beat Champagnat 16 to 11 and was consecrated

Final Relocation Tournament: Ceibos beat Champagnat 16 to 11 and was consecrated

In a duel with a lot of spark and desire for triumph, Ceibos took a 16-11 victory over Champagnat and was crowned in the Uruguay Relocation Tournament.

During the course of the first forty minutes, the game they both expected did not unfold. Ceibos came out to put the ball in rival territory and apply pressure in that area to be able to recover near the ingoal. While, Champagnat sought to give it rhythm and play. None were able to do what was in the plans due to excessive handling errors and it made the game very stuck. The only chances that both teams had sought to score points quickly but both kickers started erratically, just one of three for Alberto Peirano and one of two for Juan De Freitas.

Once the second half started, it was possible to see that the teams saved the best for last. Both sought to deploy all their game and they succeeded, with Ceibos being the most effective in that facet Ceibos. Who came out with everything to win the game and did it, was a brilliant second half of his figure and fullback, Tomás Ubilla. He scored eight of the 16 points his team scored and led them to victory.

In this way, Ceibos wins the match and the Uurguay Relocation Tournament against Champagnat by 16 to 11.


CEIBOS (16): 1. Santiago Pizurnia 2. Manuel Inciarte 41. Mateo Viana 7. Luis Flores 5. Facundo Pizzichillo 3. Michael Johnson 99. Lucas Balparda 8. Juan Quintero 9. Marcos Passadore 10. Koba Brazionis 14. Antonio Martínez 11. Jose Serrato 12. Alberto Peirano 24. Juan Balparda 30. Tomás Ubilla.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Nahuel Suárez by Santiago Pizurnia, 14’ Juan Martín Gómez by Lucas Balparda, 22 ‘Patricio Mengot by Juan Balparda, 27’ Mateo Litta by Michael Johnson,

COACH: Rodrigo Sánchez.

CHAMPAGNAT (11): 18. Agustín Sosa 8. Joaquín Almeida 20 Joaquín Amorin 4. Federico Erramuspe 30. Jose Coronel 27. Federico Faroppa 7. Fernando Arcardini 42. Emiliano Correa 9. Matías Risso 21. Joaquín Aroceno 10. Santiago Duran 5. Juan De Freitas 13. Facundo Klappenbach 12. Sebastián Pechi 15. Mateo Viola.

Changes: ST: 5 ‘Hernan Checchi by Sebastián Pechi, 20’ Enzo Geribon and Matías López by Agustín Sosa and Federico Erramuspe, 30 ‘Matías Leeuwarden by Matías Risso,

COACHES: Alejandro Nieto.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 16 ‘penalty by Juan De Freitas (CH), 19’ penalty by Alberto Peirano (CEI).

Partial result: Ceibos 3 – Champagnat 3.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2 ‘try by Tomás Ubilla (CEI), 7’ penalty by Juan De Freitas (CH), 14 ‘try by Koba Brazionis (CEI), 36’ drop by Tomás Ubilla (CEI), 37 ‘try by Fernando Arcadini (CH) .

Final score: Ceibos 16 – Champagnat 11.

WARNED: PT: 39 ‘Joaqín Arocena (CH).

REFEREE: Claudio Catibeli.

BASKETBALL COURT: Charrúa Stadium.

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