“I am willing to cross through fire to beat Munguía”, warns Gabriel Rosado

“Estoy dispuesto a cruzar por fuego para ganarle a Munguía”, advierte Gabriel Rosado

The American Boxer Gabriel Rosado He assured that he will reach the last consequences to defeat Jaime Munguía this Saturday, November 13, in Anaheim, California.

“Well, it’s not that I necessarily think that I can’t win a decision, but, you know, what happened in the past definitely made me want to be more aggressive, and when I say aggressive I don’t mean reckless. But it makes me want to sit more on my shots, definitely where I can create more chances to get a knockout. This boxer is a young boy, a former champion, so I hope he brings it all and I will bring it all. I am willing to cross fire to be victorious, “he said in an interview with FightHub.

Pinkish He pointed out what his plan will be to follow to go out with his hand up in the battle against the Mexican boxer.

“This is a statement fight. This is a fight that I have to win for my family, I have to win for myself, I have to win for the legacy. So I’m not going to go in there to throw punches and try to fight my way to a decision. If you go to the scorecards, the goal is to win each round and be dominant, but each hit will be malicious. I’m going to try to prepare them to get the knockout, ”he explained.

What will be the keys of Rosado to beat Munguia

Gabriel Rosado indicated for him what will be the keys to be able to beat Jaime Munguia in California.

“The key is to work on everything and make sure you can make adjustments. At this point in the game, I’m not just working with an overhead right or left hook. I’m working on everything, I’m working on footwork, I’m working on punches. I’m working to be a complete fighter on Saturday, ”he argued.

“Yes, you know, we work on a lot of things: pressure, counterattacks. We practically work on everything because it really is about adjustments. Who knows with what kind of style he is going to enter, he can enter aggressively, he can enter trying to box ”, he sentenced.

Gabriel Rosado spoke of Jaime Munguía

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