Lourdes Juárez wins decision and retains title against Luz Elena Aguilar

Lourdes Juárez

Although Luz Elena Aguilar he was a difficult opponent, Lourdes Juarez dominated practically the entire fight to prevail by unanimous decision and defend for the second time the super flyweight title of the CMB.

In the lawsuit made in the International Convention Center from Vallarta Port, the Little Lulu Juarez he won with cards of 99-91, 98-92 and 99-91 for a clear victory.

Lourdes She knew that trusting herself to an opponent with less experience could cost her dearly, so from the beginning she came out determined to impose conditions and did so with a wide variety of blows that hurt the team. Guerrerita Aguilar.

The uppers and the punishment with the left were a constant throughout the fight in favor of the world champion, blows that hurt the challenger, but that in no time ended her desire to go forward.

Luz Elena was brave and aggressive at all times, had opportunities to lead the monarch against the ropes and sought to punish her insistently, but the defense of Lourdes it was effective on many occasions.

The kickbacks of Lourdes Juarez and the two-handed punishment were effective for the champion, who shone throughout the fight for the undisputed victory.

Lourdes Juárez goes for second super flyweight world title defense against Luz Elena Aguilar

Thus, the sister of Mariana “Barby” Juárez, who was at the fight venue to support it, improved his record to 33-2, with four by way of knockout, and extended his winning streak to 16 in a row. Luz Elena he was left with 7-3-1.

It was last December 12 when Lourdes dethroned Guadalupe Martinez of the 115-pound scepter, which he defended last July against Diana Fernandez and now with Luz Elena Aguilar, which was a worthy challenge for the boxer represented by Village Promotions.

Waiting to continue on the throne of the super flies, the Little Lulu He has other challenges in mind, such as going down a division, fly and even mini fly, and conquer world titles in other divisions.

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