“My intention was not to hit everything”: Terrible explains statements against Márquez

Terrible Morales explica palabras contra Márquez

Érik “Terrible” Morales assured that he had no intention of attacking Juan Manuel Marquez in the statements where he called him resentful, for saying that he did not see Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez becoming the best Mexican boxer in history.

“It was not my intention to hit Marquez with everything. They asked me what I thought and I did not think that what I said was going to have that impact, “said the Terrible to You Can’t Play Boxing. “Unfortunately I am very unfiltered and I say what I think and what I believe up front. I got upset and said something that I know, I feel it and I see it, but I was able to moderate it ”.

The words of the Terrible daily Record went viral for defending the career of Saul Alvarez and cross out Marquez of not valuing the current boxing star.

“It’s a matter of time and you have to accept it,” added the Tijuana native. “The decision of where Canelo goes or will go, or if he is an idol or not, depends entirely on the fans. I think he is a bit resentful of the statements he gives ”.

The reasons why the Terrible Morales never wanted to fight with Juan Manuel Márquez

Terrible explains statements towards Juan Manuel Márquez

Morales pointed out that he simply gave his point of view and cannot be held responsible for the interpretation that some give to his words. In addition, he clarified that Marquez He has always spoken well and what happened now was a simple oversight.

“I don’t shoot him, I say what they ask me, if they get pissed off it’s not my thing,” he commented. “I respect and have always expressed myself well of the other boxers. The place that each one occupies is not up to us to say, but to the people. If I’m in the last or the first, it doesn’t matter, you have to have fun with the new generations ”.

Erik He also pointed out that you cannot live in the past and both fans and former boxers must value the current pace of the new Mexican champions.

“So much Marquez What (Frame) Barrier, (Julio Cesar) Chavez, the champions or even me, our time has passed and what we have done or achieved each one has a place in history ”, he mentioned. “People like to see our fights, but in the present new fighters will come and you have to respect that part. Not only Canelo, with all the boxers who come and start writing their history ”.

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