Rosado arrives in the role of spoiler against Munguía

Jaime Munguía y Gabriel Rosado

Gabriel Rosado is shaping up to be the next victim of Jaime Munguía.

In what could be a scene in a Roman coliseum, where the winning gladiator imposes his will on the dejected antipode before the jubilation of the public, it is the Puerto Rican who has little to lose to a rising Mexican.

Pinkish 26-13-1 (15 KO’s, 4KO’ed) arrives at the age of 35 agreeing to drop eight pounds to face Munguía in average weight.

He is also like the fighter who has diversified his career the most in the last five years, and to show a button: a supporting actor in the film Believe, fighter in professional bare-knuckle boxing serials, stand-in for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in case this one couldn’t fight Danny jacobs in 2019, and as a killjoy against prospects in the super middleweight division.

Her sarong against Munguía It might be his last chance as a ‘B-side’ in a match to keep him ranked globally, his margin of error is extremely small.

Since Pinkish work with the coach Freddie roach has shown to be more competitive, this relationship began when the Puerto Rican prepared to fight against Jacobs in November 2020.

Jacobs He prevailed in a bad fight in general due to the low activity of both fighters and the inconsistency to punish the opposite, however he was extremely even and Pinkish generated a narrative where he could have won the fight.

In the end he lost by split decision to the former world middleweight champion of the FIB, winning on one card by 115-113, but succumbing on the others by the same score: 113-115.

“I started working with Freddie because I knew it could be the last hurray, “Rosado told the press in the gym Real Boxing, a few blocks from where the fight will be this Saturday: Honda Center, on Anaheim, California.

“He was always a solid fighter, but I thought if he had been a little more aggressive he could have won some of those close fights,” he said. Roach after. “It is in better condition now. We were able to draw in the last opponent and knock him out, and I think this one (Munguia) is more or less of the same type ”.

This is how Jaime Munguía looked at the weigh-in

The optimism of Pinkish and Roach is accompanied by the fierceness of the fighters of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, cradle of an important Puerto Rican colony where he was born almost 36 years ago.

He claims to have trained on the same streets where legends such as Joe frazier, Bernard Hopkins and Meldrick taylor.

Unlike them, Pinkish He is an ordinary puncher whose sense of urgency is activated by his biological clock in the ring.

That urgency, accompanied by his Puerto Rican blood, plus having Roach in the corner, you will need it to stop the pulverizing intent of Munguía, 37-0-0- (30 KO’s), 25 years old.

Munguía hasn’t looked better since Dennis Hogan, a light-hitting Irishman, pushed it to the limit in 2019 by contesting his previous title OMB super welterweight in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, when he barely won by majority decision in what was considered a favorable ruling for the local.

Pinkish and Roach surely they have spent hours watching the video of this fight to take it as a frame of reference and try to harm a massive target, stronger, stockier, with a devastating blow, but who is not considered a cerebral fighter.

This is what can balance the scales and result in an action fight, however long it lasts.

Yes Pinkish surprised gets a belt ‘B‘: OMB intercontinental middleweight, delays the campaign of Munguía as a world-class fighter and profitable figure in the North America.

Yes Munguía bend Pinkish, obtains a double victory: he beats the best coach he has faced and slows the resurgence of his rival this year after his ‘knockout of the year’ delivered to the usbeko Bektemir Melikuziev.

The power of Jaime Munguía

Short facts

  • Munguía: Ranked # 6 in Ring Magazine within 160 pounds.
  • Pinkish: Ranked number 9 in within 168 lbs.


Category: Shots thrown (L) and hit (A) per round, plus percentage

Fighter Shot / Hit X Round

Munguía: 65.4 / 21.2 (17th): 32.4%

Pinkish: 53.4 / 12.5 (78th): 23.4%

-Pct. of successful hitting in favor of Munguía: + 9.0%

Fighter Pct. connected Pct. opponents Index +/- Hits X Round (L / A)

*Munguía 32.4% 24.4% +8.0 21.2 / 65.4

Pinkish 23.4% 31.6% -8.2 12.5 / 53.4

* 24th place in the +/- Index, which measures the difference in favor of a fighter with respect to the percentage of punches that he hits on his rivals and that his rivals connect him.

Source: CompuBox

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