Super Uru de Clubes: Old Boys shouted champion after beating Carrasco Polo by 17 to 13

Super Uru de Clubes: Old Boys shouted champion after beating Carrasco Polo by 17 to 13

Old Boys beat Carrasco Polo by 17 to 13 and is the new champion of the Super Uru of Clubs. The Catalans managed to withstand the pressure of their rival in the last minutes and celebrated a new title in the Uruguayan tournament.

Both teams played the match as a true final. Without risking much in the game of hands, trying to position themselves with the use of the foot, both Barça and tricolor preferred caution rather than in a more vertiginous game.

In the first half, the emotions were fair. Old Boys opened the scoring with a nice try from his fullback, Gaston Gibernau, after a good play that combined the game between forwards and backs. Polo’s answer came at the end of the first stage with the formula that best served the horse: the grouped game. After several attempts with his forwards, he was the captain, Santiago Hernandez, the one who left the match equaled 10 to 10, a result with which they went to rest.

In the complement, the two continued with their libretto, Old Boys tried to open the ball and move a Carrasco Polo team that better used the kick and post-kick pressure. However, the great virtue of the winners was to take better advantage of their opportunities. And so it was, that in one of the few situations near the ingoal of the tricolor, the captain of Old Boys, Juan Manuel Cat, He took advantage of the good push from the scrum to score the only try of the second half.

With the result at a disadvantage by 17 to 13, Polo went out to burn the ships and was able to equalize it. With the push of their forwards as a standard, the runners-up were several times on the edge of the ingoal, but they left empty-handed. For their part, Old Boys defended himself with clenched teeth, managed to ward off danger and ended up celebrating a victory that puts him once again at the top of Uruguayan rugby.


OLD BOYS (17): 1. Diego Pombo, 2. Carlos Pombo, 3. Faustino Etchegorry, 4. Joaquín Garica, 5. Santiago Villaseca, 6. Gonzalo Piana, 7. Gabriel Puig, 8. Juan Gaminara, 9. Martín Stefani, 10. Matías Davanzo , 11. Eugenio Plottier, 12. Germán Albanell, 13. Juan Manuel Cat (C), 14. Bautista Basso, 15. Gastón Gibernau.

Changes: ST: 12´ Alfonso Cat by Martín Stefani, 17´Joaquín Alonso by Bautista Basso, 25´ Guillermo Symonds and Federico Delucchi by Gonzalo Piana and Federico Puig, 28´ Joaquín Myszka by Carlos Pombo, 32´ Augusto Magno by Santiago Vilaseca, 34 ´Juan Buccino by Diego Pombo, 35´ Aram Nerguizian by Juan Manuel Cat.

Coach: Francisco De Posadas.

CARRASCO POLO (13): 1. Carlos Angulo, 22. Emiliano Faccennini, 31. Reinaldo Piussi, 19. Rodrigo Lamé, 4. Lucas Piriz, 24. Manuel Castro, 6. Gonzalo Soto, 8. Santiago Hernández (C), 20. Alejo Piazza, 10. Jerónimo Etcheverry, 14. Santiago Gibernau, 13. Joaquín Freitas, 12. Alejo Parra, 35. Felipe Delgado, 15. Francisco Berchesi.

Changes: PT: 21´Santiago Prado by Rodrigo Lamé. ST: 1´ Daniel Gutierrez by Reinaldo Piussi, 10´Patricio Inciarte by Alejo Parra, 21´ Santiago Álvarez by Alejo Piazza, 29´ Ignacio Forteza by Manuel Castro, 39´Agustín Pérez by Carlos Angulo.

Coach: Juan Manuel Alvarez

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 3´ Penalty by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP), 8´ Try by Gastón Gibernau converted by Germán Albanell (OB), 19´ Penalty by Germán Albanell (OB), 29´Try by Santiago Hernández converted by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP).

Partial result: Old Boys 10 – 10 Carrasco Polo.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 19´ Try by Juan Manuel Cat converted by Germán Albanell (OB), 27´ Penalty by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP),

Final score: Old Boys 17 – 13 Carrasco Polo.


REFEREE: Francisco González

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