The Pumas clearly beat Italy 37-16

The Pumas clearly beat Italy 37-16

The Pumas stomped on Italian soil and took a resounding 37-16 victory. Mario Ledesma’s team, from the pressure in defense and the good use of the foot, managed to settle in the rival field during many passages of the match. Important victory for the Argentine team that was able to turn the page after the defeat against France.

Italy came out in the first half with the intention of replicating the intensity with which they played the initial 26 minutes of the duel against the All Blacks, but they ran into some Pumas who were able to stand and take advantage of the points of contact. With great care on the part of their forwards, particularly in the lines, Mario Ledesma’s team remained for much of the first half playing in the local field and achieved a comfortable initial difference.

It was Marcos Kremer, who received a great assist from Emiliano Boffelli to break the zero on the scoreboard. Immediately after missing a penalty, the fullback put a kick to charge, won the reception and left it hanging on the second row who held the rival mark and supported.

The blow of the first try was hard for the Italians. Not only did they fail to replicate the first conquest of Los Pumas, but they also began to suffer greater difficulties to generate danger. In addition, the Argentine team maintained the intensity and, with good use of the foot, remained in the rival field. With this scenario in the game, the second conquest of Los Pumas arrived, almost 10 minutes into the first half. A good rake from Matías Moroni left Juan Martín González and Matteo Minozzi hand in hand in the fight for a free ball. The Argentine, who seemed to arrive with even more advantage, anticipated the Italian fullback and adjusted the ball with his foot to eliminate his mark and support to kick the advantage even more.

At the end of the first half, Italy added two penalties through Paolo Garbisi and Emiliano Boffelli did the same, leaving behind the first mistake of the match, to leave the 17-6 set with which the teams went to rest.

The start of the second half kept Los Pumas with a great presence in the rival field, which resulted in a one-minute try by Matías Moroni. However, this time Italy could take the new conquest of the visit to react and, added to some defensive errors by the Argentine team, get closer to the result. First with Stephan Varney’s try and then with a midfield conversion by Garbisi, who maintains a very high percentage of effectiveness.

That awakening of Italy was replicated by a quick reaction from Los Pumas who, repeating the formula of the previous try, used the width of the court, this time finding Santiago Cordero who with space threw himself on his head to support. Already in this new restart, fatigue began to play against Italy, who had a hard time generating danger again.

With a mid-court penalty from Nicolás Sánchez, Los Pumas kicked the lead to 15. With the match sealed, the Argentine team maintained the position and added again through a try by maul Facundo Bosch to give the final touch to 37 -16 with which Los Pumas beat Italy.

The last attempt by the hosts began with a terrible tackle from Ioane to Moroni, which forced the game to stretch a few minutes after the time expired, where both teams had the chance to score points. Great triumph for the Argentine national team who did what he had to do and although he did not show off, he recovered from the defeat against France.

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