URBA Top 12: Newman widely surpassed St. Louis

URBA Top 12: Newman widely surpassed St. Louis

Newman stomped on La Cumbre and beat San Luis 48-24 wide.

The match started with E Cardenal pressing exhaustively from the first minute. Although San Luis proposed through his line and maul, the visit cornered him and recovered the ball; until after ten minutes his first try came from the hand of Felipe Freyre.

With that goal and the conversion of Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (who had a great afternoon with his foot), the game unraveled for El Bordó and the barrage of tries began. The forwards were very solid in the fixed formations and the backs had a very good loose play and finding spaces; against an adversary who could only dedicate himself to defend. In this way, 22-0 went to rest in favor of the visitors.

As soon as the complement started, Benavídez’s men scored a new try supported by Mateo De Elia. With a new goal against him, San Luis woke up, through its highest figure, Franco Gnecco, who landed on the rival ingoal through the pick & go. With a great difference between the two teams on the scoreboard, the Marist woke up to a rival team that gave up the spotlight for ten minutes of the second half.

In this way, the tries of Facundo Gibert, Eduardo Ruesta of interception and a great run and also of Franco Fagre arrived. Despite recovering emotionally, the visit scored another try through the second row Jerónimo Ureta and thus sealed a landslide victory by 48 to 24 that gives truth to the great championship he is having.


SAN LUIS (24): 1. Alan Oubiña ©, 2.Gastón Gimenez, 20.Exequiel Martínez, 4. Matías Perissinotto, 5. Santiago Wallace, 6. Facundo Álvarez Amado, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Santiago Canal, 9. Ignacio Castiglione, 10. Second Blanco Fresco, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12.Teo Ferrari, 13. Facundo Gibert, 14. Eduardo Ruesta, 15. Isidro Martínez Campodónico.

Changes: PT: 39 ‘, Felipe Piatti by Facundo Álvarez Amado. ST: 52 ‘Bautista Magliano by Isidro Martínez Campodónico; 59 ‘Manuel Sánchez Merlo for Ignacio Castiglione, Franco Fagre for Exequiel Martínez, Franco Cantalupo for Gastón Giménez, Carlos Layún for Santiago Wallace; 65 ‘Marco Morimano for Franco Gnecco; ’72 Gonzalo Molina Ferrer for Segundo Blanco Fresco.

Trainers: Luciano Lazzarini, Carlos Hernán Nieto and Andrés Albina.

Newman (48): 1. James Wright, 2. Rodrigo Pueyrredon, 3. Luciano Borio, 4. Tomás Ureta, 5. Jerónimo Ureta, 6. Mateo Montoya, 7. Miguel Urtubey (C), 8. Beltrán Gurmendi, 9. Felix Branca, 10. Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada, 11. Agustín Gosio, 12. Mateo De Elia, 13. Felipe Freyre, 14. Jerónimo Ulloa, 15. Juan Bautista Daireaux.

Changes: ST: 48 ‘Mariano Urtubey for Luciano Borio, Alejandro Urtubey for James Wright; 56 ‘Teófilo Garay for Mateo Montoya; 59 ‘Justo Ortiz Basualdo by Agustín Gosio; 77 ‘Lucas Marguery for Felix Branca.

Trainers: Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: ’11 try by Felipe Freyre converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); ’16 penalty converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); ’29 try by Jerónimo Ureta converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); ’36 try by Juan Bautista Daireaux (N)

PARTIAL RESULT: St. Louis 0-22 Newman.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: ‘1 try by Mateo De Elia converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); ‘6 try by Franco Gnecco converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); ’10 try by Jerónimo Ulloa converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); 13 ‘try by Agustín Gosio converted by Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (N); ’25 try by Facundo Gibert (SL); ’29 try by Eduardo Ruesta converted by Segundo Blanco Fresco (SL); ’32 try by Franco Fagre (SL); ’43 try by Jerónimo Ureta (N)

FINAL SCORE: St. Louis 24-48 Newman.

WARNED: PT: 1 ‘Yellow card to Miguel Urtubey.


REFEREE: Pablo Deluca.

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