Warrington attacks the Bronco Lara: “I don’t understand how I could lose”

Bronco Lara recibió ataques de Warrington

Josh warrington confessed that he has not fully digested his defeat against Mauricio “Bronco” Lara and does not accept the way in which he could not avenge his defeat.

“There is much that I can learn from those two rounds, there are times when you think whether or not you have what it takes to continue,” he confessed in an interview with iFL TV. “But after the first round I really didn’t understand how I could lose to a guy like this. He had a lot of confidence in me, I knew that if I pressed the accelerator I could finish him in the middle of the fight ”.

Warrington was surprised by the Mexican on February 13, 2021 in Wembley. The Bronco, against all odds, dropped him in the fourth round and then the ninth, finally putting a stop to the undefeated Leeds warrior.

Josh got his chance for revenge in September in his hometown. However, the fight was stopped in the second round by an accidental cut under the Mexican’s eyebrow after a head clash.

Warrington He insisted that the hardest thing for him was the frustration of not being able to give his people a triumph. In addition, he clarified that he never had any intention of stopping the Bronco earlier than expected.

“After that fight I felt frustrated, after the defeat I wanted to prove in front of everyone that I was ready to redeem myself in front of 25,000 of my people,” he said. “I didn’t want to intentionally stop the fight at all.”

Josh He confessed that if the trilogy was closed with Mauricio, I would bet a hefty amount on him to finally win.

“If he wants to do it again, he would bet a lot of money on me to finish it,” he said. “I really would. It is a question of levels, this was the reason why I was world champion, I am not a bad fighter and I can overcome what happened as a simple slip ”.

Josh Warrington and Bronco Lara

The next step Warrington wants to take

Warrington He sentenced his detractors that he does not feel finished and is willing to face the elite of the division as Leo Santa Cruz.

“People think I’m finished, but not at all,” he said. “I felt good, it was just sad and frustrating to end the fight like this. There is still talk of Leo Santa crossThey think I’m a step back for them, but I’ve wanted that fight for about three or four years. I’m back, give me a big fight and I will show everyone that I am far from disappearing from the scene. “

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