Zulina “Loba” Muñoz could not be crowned in Denmark and was knocked out against Dina Thorslund

Zulina Loba Muñoz no pudo coronarse en Dinamarca y cayo noqueada contra Dina Thorslund

Zulina “Loba” Muñoz failed in her attempt to win her second world title in a different division when she was knocked out at 1:14 minutes of the seventh round by the Danish Dina thorslund.

The Loba Munoz entered the Sydbank Arena in Kolding, Denmark, but was overtaken by Thorslund, who was left with the victory. She retains her status as a rooster champion of the World Boxing Organization (OMB), in which it was his first defense.

Thorslund she dominated from the beginning a challenger who looked strong and dangerous, but who went to the canvas in the second round after a right hand from the monarch.

The dominance of the Danish was maintained, despite the attempts of the Mexican knockout, who like a warrior never stopped going to the front in search of the knockout, which is the hallmark of the She-wolf. Left of Zulina It was a constant danger for the Dane, who came out well off.

But a hook to the liver in the seventh round was definitive for the Danish to stay with the victory, because Zulina went to the canvas. Although he stood up, the referee Mikael Hook it did not allow him to continue in the fight. The three cards of the judges until that moment were favorable to the local with an identical 60-53.

The 28-year-old Danish, who beat Covid-19 in October, improved her record to 17-0, seven by way of knockout. She remains one of the best fighters on the planet, as she also has the super bantamweight scepter of the OMB.

ZulinaFor his part, he remained with a record of 63-4-2, with 40 by way of knockout. He will have to wait for a new opportunity to fight for a world title.

The Mexican was super fly champion of the World Boxing Council and made 10 defenses of it, until Guadalupe Martinez he dethroned her on May 13, 2017.

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