Benavidez believes that Canelo’s age was already noticed in the fight against Plant


Jose Benavidez, father and coach of David, he assured that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez His age began to show in his unification fight against Caleb Plant.

“Many will disagree, but I think Plant gave him a lot of trouble, I didn’t see that one Canelo dominant from other occasions, “he said in an interview with FightHype. “He missed a lot of blows, I saw him frustrated. They will say that I’m crazy, but Plant he did well and we started to see suffer Canelo“.

Although Saul became the first undisputed champion in 168-pound history, Joseph He considered that he was not seen as dominant unlike other fights.

Plant I was surprised, in my opinion it looked very good, but it doesn’t have that punch, “he said. “I saw him land very good body shots to Canelo and he felt them. I had never seen him feel that pain. I didn’t think it would last that long, but I think he put up a great fight at Canelo. Many know that I don’t like it Calebbut he did a good job. He had a very good fight, he surprised me. He gave a great show ”.

Canelo announced that until January 2022 he will begin planning what follows in his career. However, he expects his comeback contest to be in May of that year, but does not yet know if it will be at 168 or 175 pounds.

In the super middle division he has as a potential rival David benavidez, who yesterday defeated by knockout Kyrone davis in the seventh round.

Canelo and Plant sold around 800 thousand PPV

Benavidez and Canelo

About that, Jose Benavidez said Canelo You must accept combat with your son as soon as possible, as time is catching up with him.

Canelo he is working very hard and leaves everything in the gym, “he said. “He has been very dedicated, but I believe that one day his body will no longer respond the same. I think you should accept the fight now with David because he has a better chance of beating him, because he has more experience and he is an animal. As time goes by it benefits us because David you will have more experience. It is already getting stronger and more popular ”.

Finally, Joseph He pointed out that time will be a great friend to his son, since sooner or later he trusts that Canelo will lose those championships.

David he is very young and very hungry, he is like a lion ”, he mentioned. “Canelo has it all now and David no, but that makes a fighter more dangerous. Experience matters a lot and Canelo He has fought many great fighters, but one day he will be defeated. He will not be a champion forever. A young lion will one day come and throw him off the throne like he did. “

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