David Benavidez analyzes how the fight with Canelo Álvarez would be

David Benavidez quiere pelea con Canelo Álvarez

David benavidez analyzed what the fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and he assured that it would be a great show in which all the fans would win.

“I have a lot of power in my fists and I throw lots of shots and I don’t get tired, I think that’s the good thing about me. I have great energy that becomes a great weapon, “he said. Benavidez in interview for FightHype. “I am taller, I am faster and people will be the real winner. It will be a great fight for the fans. “

During the last months, Benavidez and his team have launched several challenges to Saul Alvarez, who still does not know who will be his next opponent.

People like Teddy atlas think that David must be a compelling rival for Canelo stay at the top of 168 pounds.

David He also commented on people who criticize his style and that because of this Saul would have a great opportunity against him.

“We’ll see what happens,” he said. Benavidez. “They all say the same thing that I take a lot of blows, but it really is not like that. There is always a different plan for this fight. For example, if you had known before Davis he would throw body shots he would find a way to counter it. People who talk sometimes don’t know anything about boxing and are just in front of the television. I don’t really need your advice to improve, I know what I have ”.

Benavidez looking to win a world championship after losing the WBC super middleweight belt on the scale to Roamer Alexis Angulo, in August 2020.

Benavidez defeated Kyrone Davis

Benavidez’s fight against Kyrone Davis

About his fight with Davis and the slow pace with which he started unlike his other fights, Benavidez He noted that it is part of the maturity he is experiencing in his career towards a title.

“I did not want the fans to have the wrong impression, I am maturing and that for my career is better,” he said. “Sometimes I don’t connect at the beginning and then I find a window with the jab, but it all ended up fantastic. Davis is a warrior, but he’s been trying not to get knocked out. He knew that when I pressed him sooner or later he was going to fall. Hats off to him, but the point is not to despair for the knockout. “

Finally Benavidez He did not close the window on moving up to light heavyweights if the possibility of a world title fight opens up.

“We have to see which is the best option, if we have to go up to 175. to hell,” he said. “We will go up to look for the championship.”

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