Jaime Munguía went to war with Gabriel Rosado and won him a convincing unanimous decision

Jaime Munguía fue a la guerra con Gabriel Rosado y le ganó una convincente decisión unánime

Jaime Munguía defeated by unanimous decision Gabriel Rosado in a real war Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

For the young Mexican fighter it was the most complicated fight of his career, against a Gabriel Rosado who delivered what he promised, a brave and irreducible attitude. The three judges saw win Munguía with cards of 118-110, 119-109 and 117-111 that seemed slightly looser than it actually was. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Jaime Munguía 116-112, with Pinkish winning four rounds in a row, from 6 to 9.

The Rosé test for Jaime Munguía

Gabriel Rosado brought to Munguía to war, he made him demand himself to his maximum expression, and put all the skills and strengths of the Mexican to the test.

The Mexican showed obvious improvements compared to the unpolished prospect who dominated in super welterweight with pure physique. He is no longer that jumping young man who threw very long blows and with little support. From the hand of Erik morales, this Munguía he throws his shots more compact, shorter and much better planted on the ring.

He hit the body of Munguía reaches levels of sophistication, because the hooks to the liver put them with extension, and precision. He knows how to open that hole in the opponent’s body, and hit the hook. Combinations of four or five are well thought out, designed to open holes in the opponent’s guard and allow the power shot.

Compubox Registration that Jaime Munguía neatly landed 70 body shots from Pinkish. The Mexican threw more punches and landed more power shots on Pinkish.

And other things that Gabriel Rosado tested on Munguía it’s his jaw. It is true that Pinkish He has not distinguished himself as a great puncher, but his right hand is heavy, and he can knock out in one hit. I had done so Pinkish upon Melikuziev in his most recent fight. That right hand met with out the face of Jaime Munguía. Yes OK Pinkish he managed to shake, and even hurt the Mexican, Munguía he recovered very quickly and responded with lucidity and full awareness.

Round by round

Munguía he quickly found distance and range in the very first round. James The jab worked a lot to the body. And so he began to establish the beating down, with one of the tools in which Munguía more it looked. Pinkish, for his part, tried to counter-attack, and found with some hands to Munguía, especially with the right hand.

The first round set the tone for what the fight would be. On the one hand, Munguía combining with power, and punishing the body; for the other, Pinkish enthrone and putting isolated right hands on the Mexican.

In the second episode, Munguía he continues to find a good distance on the ground and a short medium. James hits long combinations of four or five hits, up and down, organizing and opening holes in the guard of Pinkish.

In the third, Pinkish starts the round well, making a lot of fail Munguía, and taking advantage to start putting jabs and right hands. But Munguía squeezes in the second half of the round, and puts Pinkish to move around the ring with combinations of more power and pressure.

The fourth round delivered tones of war. The best round of the fight. And is that Pinkish managed to hurt Munguía with a blow to the body. The Mexican recoiled wounded, and Pinkish It was for him, feeling hurt. Nevertheless, Munguía he recovered quickly and returned power combinations immediately. The round became very interesting in large and powerful exchanges, where Munguía he looked more forceful and robust in his hitting. But Pinkish does not back down.

After the hard-fought fourth episode, the fifth delivered a decibel drop. Munguía is perceived dominating, mainly with the hooks to the liver that have been piercing the body of Pinkish, and that was a blow that the Puerto Rican could never get rid of all night.

In the sixth round, Pinkish finds traction in the final seconds. And he does it mainly with the right hand that finds sharpness on the face of Munguía that ends the round a bit confused. Munguía he had handled the round well, although without too much force. Pinkish he imposed the power at the end, to take the round.

From that moment on, Gabriel Rosado found his best moment of the fight, winning rounds to Munguía, in a fight in which the Mexican had a clear advantage. Pinkish, in the middle of the fight, he squeezed the cards a bit.

In the seventh round, Munguía keep trying long combinations but they are not as sharp anymore. It looks a little tired, and a little slower. AND Pinkish he remains brave, irreducible, and puts his hands hard on the short ground over Munguía, who looks a bit distracted and overwhelmed.

It was in the eighth round, when Pinkish tested the jaw of Munguía. The Puerto Rican put the best hand of the round, a right that hurt Munguía, and made him recoil shaken. Munguía had dominated the round with body shots, and power combinations, but Pinkish printed the power to take the round.

The ninth was another good round for Gabriel Rosado, which overwhelms Munguía and hits solid power shots. Pinkish ends the round choking Munguía who looks a bit confused. And it is that, although Munguía he put the best of his repertoire, Pinkish he endured everything. The Puerto Rican is gaining confidence in the fight.

From the tenth, Jaime Munguía He returned in the fight to close the fight solid. The Mexican puts the best combination of the tenth round that shakes Pinkish. James Hit the best power shots. Pinkish puts several very strong right hands on Munguía, but James shows stamina and jaw, for although their head is shaken, Munguía he returns fast and lucid to respond to the attacks.

In round 11, Munguía he looks more complete, more powerful in his hitting. Pinkish begins to fade, to be overcome. Munguía He hits long, well-stationary power combinations with compact hits. At this point in the fight, it is clear that Jaime Munguía Good physical condition arrives, as the fight ends with strength and power.

The twelfth round went to Munguía that closes better, more forceful, more dynamic, AND Pinkish just holding on, and trying to finish the fight.

Finally, the victory for Jaime Munguía it was clear, but not easy. Gabriel Rosado forced Munguía to show the best of your abilities.

It was a graduation fight for Jaime Munguía. He showed the improvements that were so demanded of him, he also showed that he is willing to go to war, and not give up an inch of attitude and bravery, before a fighter like Pinkish, of the bravest boxers of the last decade. Munguía he’s up to fight in the 160-pound elite. Pinkish I had promised that I would make happen to Jaime Munguía by fire and fulfilled it. The Mexican went through hell, and emerged triumphant. Test passed.

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