URBA Top 12: Hindu won it in the final to Regatas by 29-25

URBA Top 12: Hindu won it in the final to Regatas by 29-25

Minutes from the end Hindu turned the scoreboard and beat Regattas 29-25, for the fourth date of the second round of the URBA Top 12

Hindu He did not have a brilliant afternoon, but his hierarchy reached him to reverse the score and take the points despite having several substitutes within the fifteen holder, while those of Regattas They played a very interesting game with a lot of speed that allowed them to have a first half in their favor with two tries that put tension on the team. Elephant for several minutes. There was a good performance from the backs and a solid response from the forward pack.

After receiving several indications from the coaching staff and with an injection of energy as a result of the changes, those of Don Torcuato They had a growing complement and they were seen to be more immersed in the game.

Despite the yellow to the wing Agustin Fusoni minutes from the end that I leave you with one less Hindu take the course of the match and go to the head with a key try supported under the sticks by Nicolas D’amorim after four phases of pick & go.

By the last date of the second round Hindu will be local before Pucara while Regattas says goodbye to the year in Benavidez versus Newman, the pointer to zone B.


Regattas (25): 1- Diego Torres Agüero, 2- Pedro García Colinas, 3- Juan Gobet, 4- Tomas Sanguinetti, 5- Esteban Sciandro, 6- Santiago Camerlinckx, 7- Agustín Medrano, 8- Felipe Camerlinckx, 9- Marcos Joseph , 10- José De la Torre, 11- Francisco Pisani, 12- Santiago Maré, 13- Juan Corso, 14- Alejo Barrera, 15- Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

Changes: ST: 3 ‘Nicolás Juárez Bosch for Tomás Sanguinetti, 30’ Gonzalo Deluca for Marcos Joseph, 35 ‘Felipe Galli for Juan Gobet.

Coaches: Pablo Camerlinckx and Francisco Camerlinckx.

HINDU (29): 1- Isaías Quiroga, 2- Julián Gauthier, 3- Cristian Moscetta, 4- Juan Comolli, 5- Federico Lavanini; 6- Carlos Repetto, 7- Nicolás D’amorim, 8- Gonzalo Delguy, 9- Lucas Camacho, 10- Joaquín de la Vega (C), 11- Juan Araujo, 12- Francisco Mateu, 13- Rodrigo Almada, 14- Agustín Fusoni, 15- Juan Aranoa.

Changes: ST: 10 ‘Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa by Isaías Quiroga and Nicolás Leiva by Cristian Moscetta, 11’ Nicanor Olivetto by Federico Lavanini, Lucas Pulido by Lucas Camacho and Fermín Ormaechea by Rodrigo Almada, 24 ‘Tomás Ahmer by Juan Aranoa.

Coaches: Francisco Fernández Mirada, Hernán Senillosa and Juan Gauthier.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2 ‘Try by Francisco Pisani (R), 15’ Try by Santiago Maré converted by José De la Torre (R).

Partial result: Regattas 12 – Hindu 0

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 6 ‘Try by Juan Araujo converted by Joaquín De la Vega (H), 20’ Try by Joaquín De la Vega (H), 17 ‘Penalty by José De la Torre (R), 23’ Try by Santiago Maré converted by José De la Torre (R), 26 ‘Try by Juan Comolli converted by Joaquín de la Vega (H), 29’ Penalty by José De la Torre (R), 34 ‘Try by Nicolás D’amorim converted by Joaquín de la Vega (H ), 40 ‘Penalty by Joaquín de la Vega (H).

Final result: Regattas 25 – Hindu 29

WARNED: ST: 29 ‘Agustín Fusoni (H).

REFEREE: Tomás Bertazza

BASKETBALL COURT: Regattas, Bella Vista.

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