URBA Top 12: the SIC had their dream afternoon against ALMOST

URBA Top 12: the SIC had their dream afternoon against ALMOST

Life smiles at the SIC, that Saturday was a carnival in the classic of San Isidro before the CASI. For the 4th date of the second round of the URBA Top 12 won the derby 35-13 and now he focuses on the semifinals of the tournament. Patience, concentration, opportunism and good defense were the attributes to take the triumph of San Isidro.

It was not easy because the CASI in the first half showed the best in the Sanisidrense crossing. Combination of Gerónimo Prisciantelli, Benjamín Gelaga and Juan Akemeier at 8´ put the local up with a try. The competition was rough and with a tackle that stood out physically, like a classic is played. The SIC analyzed and read the game and when it could, it left the zebras gasping for air.

Justo Piccardo was the figure of the field and Gastón Arias rounded off with his aim to the ax. The center scored both tries visitors in the first half and the opening the two conversions and two penalties that allowed him to go to the break up 20-13.

At complement the SIC handcuffed its rival, left him without arguments and in two minutes with his wingers, Facundo Giorgiutti and Jacinto Campbell, settled the match. The host fell on his head, he was never in the game again and felt the rigor imposed on him by the trench. The SIC was neat, kept the difference and celebrated in a classic where it took a triumph with absolute justice.


ALMOST (13): 1. Facundo Scaiano, 2. Juan Torres Obeid, 3. Ignacio Nieto Sánchez, 4. Leo Mazzini, 5. Agustín Posleman, 6. Vicente Boronat, 7. Juan Ymaz, 8. Luis Briatore, 9. Agustín Figuerola (C), 10. Gerónimo Prisciantelli, 11. Benjamin Belaga, 12. Matías Phelan, 13. Felipe Probaos, 14. Juan Akemeier, 15. Jerónimo Solveyra.

Changes: ST. 3´Hugo García Rafael for Nieto Sánchez, 8´ Alejo Lavayen for Phelan, 22´ Luca Canzani for Figuerola, 26´ Tomás Carman for Boronat, 31´ Alejo Montes de Oca, Bautista Bernasconi and Felix Paolucci for Probaos, Torres Obeid, García Rafael , 36´ Franco Pastorino by Ymaz.

Coach: Patricio O’Reilly.

SIC (35): 1. Marcos Piccinini, 2. Andrea Panzarini, 3. Marcos Gatica, 4. Lucas Sommer, 5. Federico Haedo, 6. Marcos Borghi, 7. Tomás Comissatti, 8. Tomás Meyrelles (C), 9. Juan Soares Gache, 10 Gastón Arias, 11. Jacinto Campbell, 12. Santos Rubio, 13. Justo Piccardo, 14. Federico Giorgiutti, 15. Juan Pablo Zervino.

Changes: ST: 6´ Alejandro Daireaux for Comisatti, 18´ Mateo Albanese for Soares Gache, 25´ Santiago Pavlosky for Zervino, 26´ Lucas Rocha and Gonzalo Hughes for Panzarini and Gatica, 38´ Facundo Fernández Madero for Arias.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Lucas Cilley and Federico Gallo.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8´ Try by Juan Akemeier (C), 9´ Try by Justo Piccardo converted by Gastón Arias (S), 13´ Penal Arias (S), 18´ Penal Gerónimo Prisciantelli (C), 30´ Try Felipe Probaos (C), 38´ Penalty Gastón Arias (S) and 40´ Try by Justo Piccardo converted by Gastón Arias.

Partial result: ALMOST 13-20 SIC

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 12´ Penalty by Gastón Arias (S), 18´ Try by Facundo Giorgiutti converted by Gastón Arias (S) and 19´ Try by Jacinto Campbell converted by Gastón Arias (S).

WARNED: there was not.

REFEREE: Nehuen Jauri Rivero.


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