LIDOM Power Rankings: Third Week

LIDOM Power Rankings: Third Week

Monday arrived and next to him came the ESPN DIGITAL LIDOM Weekly Team Ranking

A more balanced week where four out of six teams came out with positive records, the Bulls they still do not lift their heads despite a good start to the week and Eagles they lost a lot of flight by losing four games and winning only one.

The ranking positions do not depend on the LIDOM position table.

1- Drinking Guavaberry in the middle of Malecón Estrellas Orientales.- (Previous Ranking No. 2)

The pachyderms continue to play excellent baseball. Despite losing their first game against the Eagles with a large score, the pachyderms continued to stomp and achieved 3 important victories to stay with the first position of the tournament and the ranking.

An important piece has been his starting pitching who currently has 2.52 in collective ERA added to three starting pitchers with 0.00 ERA, all with more than 12 innings pitched.

2- The flight is showing turbulence Águilas Cibaeñas.- (Previous ranking No. 1)

The national and Caribbean champions continue with their snowball. After an almost perfect first week, a second with regular results but in the third and half of the tournament they got a streak where attention should be paid since although nothing is certain, a slip can mean a definitive fall.

The Eagles hit .244 / .303 / .343 this week, third in the league but with a .207 in RISP, a factor that has been determining for the yellow team’s downfall.

3- Giant Stability Gigantes del Cibao.- (Previous Ranking.- No. 3)

The Jaya bombers are the only ones that remained in place between weeks. With three resounding victories against Lions, Bulls and Stars, in addition to 29 runs scored, the Giants continue to show that their hitting is and will be their best weapon for this tournament.

Since the entry of Kelvin Gutierrez (.462 / .533 /.590 /1.123) added to the excellent week of Hanser Alberto (.455 / .500 / .545 / 1.255) the Northeast have become a latent threat in the table of positions.

4- Capital is Capital Technical tie Leones del Escogido (Previous ranking.- No.5) Tigres del Licey (Previous ranking.- No. 6)

The Leones del Escogido and Tigres del Licey had a week above the average. Although both finished with a similar record and Licey beat the Chosen one in the week, it is unfair to place one below the other and that is why we have a technical tie in our ranking. “La Capital” managed to beat the Cibao teams on the same date to close the table of positions much more.

In the case of the Leones, a difficult start to the week, but after that 10-2 defeat against the Giants, the centennial red team played their best baseball and ended the week with 3-1 to tie with the Águilas Cibaeñas.

Watching the Tigers, after surprising the world with a change of manager and manager, the Bengalis have changed their game and achieved 3 important victories in a row to return to the classification and get only two games from the first position.

Danger zone: La Romana

6- Like cane for wit. Bulls of the East. (Previous Ranking.- No. 4)

The Bulls have two problems, pitching and defense. Those led by Lino Rivera are in the last position in the pitching boxes with an ERA of 3.85 and with only one quality start in 5 games and 2 bolín saves by their closer.

Despite having a good offense, the bullfighters could not stay in their position either in the table or in the ranking and today they occupy the LIDOM basement alone.

Note from Fernando Sena

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