María José Alcalá wants to end dependence on the government and harassment of athletes

María José Alcalá wants to end dependence on the government and harassment of athletes

The president of the Mexican Olympic Committee indicated that her project contemplates economic independence and the protection of athletes who are victims of harassment

MEXICO.- Two of the priorities of Maria Jose Alcala as the new president of the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM) is to end dependency government money and harassment of athletes “Yes there is.”

This is how he made it known Maria Jose Alcala in interview for ESPN Radio Formula, in addition to pointing out regarding the issue of harassment that “athletes are alone” and will seek to eradicate this problem that occurs in national sport.

Regarding the economic aspect, the new president of the COM “He will seek to be economically independent. We cannot go with our arms down and think that only the father of the government is the one who should support.”

For the same, Alcala He announced that part of his sports project, in which he hopes that all the presidents of the federations and permanent members will participate with their experience, and he hopes to strengthen the economic part in the next two years and will try to ensure that this solvency comes from sponsors.

The exclavadista pointed out that the issue of money is important and with transparency it will be seen what sponsorships can contribute to the Mexican athletes.

“We will never sacrifice athletes,” he added. Maria Jose Alcala, who announced that junior baseball was at risk of not going to the Pan American Youth Games in Cali 2021 “and a great effort is being made to fulfill their dreams and have the ticket to travel. We are not going to stop for the athletes to attend ”.

With a master’s degree and experience in public administration, the president of the COM He stated that never in his extra-sports career has he had any observation in his behavior from the organs or the comptroller’s office of the federation.

“The charges give you a lot of political sensitivity,” said the top leader and made it clear that it is not healthy to file lawsuits in the media, since what is needed are people who contribute to the sport.

And he assured that “I am not going to fight with any body that is related to Mexican sports; it would be unripe for me to act otherwise. “

On the other hand, it was said for sure that Mexico can be a world power and for this it will try to lay solid foundations in a work project that contemplates the improvement of athletes. “We will always seek a cordial relationship with the federal government, through CONADE, of course,” and he clarified that he has never had differences with the head of said entity, Ana Guevara, who will be invited to be part of his team.

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