What Canelo and Caleb Plant whispered to each other ending the fight

El intercambio entre Caleb Plant y Canelo Álvarez

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Caleb Plant They had an emotional dialogue at the end of the fight that both had, and the Mexican consoled the American, in addition to both apologizing for everything they said.

Here the reproduction of that moment in a video All Access from Showtime Boxing.

Canelo: “You are a great fighter.

Plant: “I’m sad”.

Canelo: “Don’t be ashamed, you are a great fighter, friend. I’m sorry about everything. At the end of the day we are men, human beings ”.

Plant: “When I said Motherfu ***, I never talked about your mother. I don’t have my mother with me because she died ”.

Canelo: “You have a beautiful family now and I am also your family.”

In the previous fight, they starred in a brawl at the press conference, when they exchanged shoves, insults and even Plant ended up with a wound under one eye.

Canelo defeated Plant

The fight between Canelo and Plant

At the time, Canelo said Caleb he had messed with his mother and was unwilling to tolerate her way of heating up fights. Despite this, the American always denied that it was to offend the mother of the Canelo.

The dialogue, published after the fight, reaffirmed the statements of Saul, who said before the microphones that he had commented to Plant that he had to raise his face, that he had put up a great fight and that the offenses in the previous one had been left behind.

“I told him he was a good fighter, that he didn’t have to feel bad,” he said. Canelo Alvarez at the subsequent press conference. “He had a great fight and in the end everything is in the past.”

Saul defeated him on November 6 by knockout in the eleventh round and Caleb He was taken to the hospital. This was a preventive measure and that same night he was discharged.

For now, Canelo he is on vacation with his wife Fernanda on Paris. He assured that in January 2022 he will begin planning to return to the ring in May 2022.

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