At cruiser weight! Eddy Reynoso asks WBC for a chance for Canelo to fight champion Ilunga Makabu at 200 pounds

¡Al peso crucero! Eddy Reynoso pide a CMB oportunidad de que Canelo pelee en 200 libras contra el campeón Ilunga Makabu

Eddy Reynoso, coach and manager Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, appeared in the mandatory fighting session during the Convention of the CMB to request that the agency allow Canelo fight for the world cruiser championship, held by Ilunga Makabu.

“I am here to raise my voice and ask the CMB the next fight for Canelo and look for the cruiser champion Makabu“, said Reynoso in the mandatory fighting session. “That they give us the immediate opportunity to seek the fight with the champion, immediately, after we unify the 168 pounds.”

The motion you requested Eddy reynoso was put to a vote by the CMB, and was approved unanimously, during the session.

Canelo wants to be cruiserweight champion, his fifth different weight class

The Canelo He has won world titles in four divisions: super welterweight, middle, super middle and light heavy. He is currently the undisputed monarch of 168 pounds with a new challenge in mind, to be world champion in a fifth category, that of 200 pounds, in cruises.

“We are going to look for a challenge, we are going to look for Makabu”, He added Eddy. “It is what we want, to continue making history, I think Saul He has everything to be able to give him a great fight. We even know that we have everything to beat him and that is why we want that fight ”.

Going from super medium to cruising is about 10 kilos of difference. However, the coach assured that on other occasions they have already gone up in the category and showed that they can win a title in a fifth division.

“The challenges are to be taken,” he added. Reynoso. “There are boxers who have gone up two categories and have not been able to, we take on a challenge and we know we can do it.”

They want the fight in May; they are willing to go fight in the Congo

He made it clear that they are willing to listen to any promoter. They want the fight to be in May, and they could even go to the same Congo, the country of Ilunga, although everything will depend on the negotiations.

“There are some offers beyond Congo to go,” he considered Reynoso. “We are going to see what we can negotiate or fix. Life is one of challenges, we have confidence, just as we had confidence to go up to light complete or to face GolovkinWe have a challenge, that’s why I asked for the fight ”.

If it is done in May or June, he said it is a very good time to prepare, so he hopes it will take place and “seek to make history.”

Canelo Alvarez

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