From bricklayer to first champion Bridger, the story of Óscar Rivas

De albañil a primer campeón Bridger, la historia de Óscar Rivas

I was barely 10 years old Oscar Rivas when necessity forced him to work as a bricklayer, but perseverance now has him in the history books as the world’s first Bridgerweight champion of the World Boxing Council (CMB).

“Before I was a bricklayer, I worked on the street carrying packages,” he said. Oscar Rivas in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “I started at the age of 10, the boxing world took me off the streets.”

Rivas is visiting Mexico City and is part of the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council (CMB).

On monday he met the boy Bridger walker, in whom they were inspired to create this division that goes from 200 to 224 pounds, where the Colombian made history.

“After 23 years of practicing it now I have my reward in boxing,” he said. Rivas. “Have the payment, as they say thank God. The best I can say is that my name is going to remain nailed in history ”.

The childhood of Rivas It was difficult and she had to work from an early age to get ahead. Fighting in life and boxing was difficult, but he never stopped trying and now he remembers it fondly.

“I lasted a long time (as a bricklayer), from age 10 to 14,” he recalled. “I worked on that issue in order to get ahead. The opportunities are very scarce, the implements in boxing are also very scarce ”.

Not giving up and fighting for his dreams was decisive for the boxer who has more than 12 years as a professional and a record of 28-1, 19 on the fast track.

“I managed to do it because perseverance took me here where I am,” he said. Rivas. “And I always tell people to work hard. Hard work is what makes champions ”.

The Colombian boxer, but living in Montreal, Canada, is happy to be in Mexico, because he has many friends here and has already visited the country he considers his second home on other occasions.

“It really fills me with happiness to be here,” he concluded. “I have Mexican friends where I live and being here … I had already come, for me Mexico is like my second home.”

Rivas He was proclaimed world champion of Bridger weight on October 22 by defeating the Canadian by unanimous decision Ryan rozicki at the Olympia Theater in Montreal.

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