“It’s too much risk for Canelo”: Mauricio Sulaimán says he is surprised that Saúl wants to fight at 200 pounds

Es demasiado riesgo para Canelo: Mauricio Sulaimán se dice sorprendido de que Saúl quiera pelear en 200 libras

The request that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez challenge Ilunga Makabu, 200-pound champion, wowed everyone at the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, recognized the president of the organization, Mauricio Sulaiman.

“Too much risk (for Canelo) ”, He sharply acknowledged Mauricio Sulaiman. “It is a totally complicated move. It has already been accepted, but I would like to talk with Canelo, with Eddy. It is a very important risk that is breaking all paradigms. He looks for challenges, but I never saw her coming that way ”.

Makabu is extremely dangerous, says Sulaimán

During the mandatory fighting session, Eddy reynoso asked for an immediate chance for the cruiser scepter he holds Makabu. This, in search of what Canelo complete one more challenge and win a title in a different fifth division, but Mauricio Sulaiman reiterated that the 200 pound champion, Ilunga Makabu, it is very dangerous for Canelo.

“He is a great fighter, he is very dangerous,” he considered. Mauricio Sulaiman. “And on a cruise it is something tremendous.”

What the president of the organization has with some tranquility is that if they asked for the opportunity it is because they consider that there are options to win. He sees that it is not a money challenge, “it is a different challenge.”

He considered that the Canelo once again surprises the world with his request, something unexpected but also pleasing.

“It is a wonderful situation, Canelo once again taking an unexpected risk ”, he commented Sulaiman. “Surprising the world, cruising is a complicated division. Ilunga He is a strong fighter, this is news, this is history and I am happy, it surprised me a lot ”.

At cruiser weight!  Eddy Reynoso asks WBC for a chance for Canelo to fight champion Ilunga Makabu at 200 pounds

The hurdle for Canelo vs Makabu at 200 pounds

Makabu has a mandatory defense against Thabiso Mchunu, who would not be ready for January, as was established. He wants more time to finalize the fight, but the WBC holder will address the whole situation immediately.

Makabu has mandatory defense signed with Mchunu”, He confirmed Sulaiman. “I will take immediate communication. They recorded the January date for the fight, but their promoter (of the challenger) said that he is not ready for January 8, we will immediately address the issue.

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