Julio César Chávez and Floyd Mayweather flirt with exhibition fight

Julio César Chávez y Floyd Mayweather coquetean con pelea de exhibición

Julio Cesar Chavez He was very smiling with Floyd Mayweather Jr during the inauguration of the 59th Annual Convention of the WBC, where there was talk of a possible exhibition fight between them, the Mexican sure that he can give “a chinga” to Money.

“If it is encouraged, of course it does,” he said. Julius Caesar to the mass media gathered there. “If you cheer four rounds with pleasure.”

During the inauguration and the meeting between them, Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the CMB, he was a translator of both who did not stop laughing. Chavez made it clear that he would instead put Mayweather jr, if the exhibition fight takes place.

“He told me that he was not his uncle Roger“, Told him Mayweather jr to JC in reference to the triumph that the Mexican had over Roger mayweather in 1985. Chavez added what he replied to Floyd: “I told him, ‘I’m going to screw you anyway.’

Mauricio Sulaiman, who was the main witness of the conversation between JC and Money, revealed that both talked about the possibility of doing the exhibition. It was a very pleasant moment that both legends shared.

“They want to make an exhibition,” said the president of the CMB, “Told him Chavez here to win, and Floyd told him to fight him with one hand. It was a beautiful moment, with great respect between the two ”.

Although it might seem like a game from the way it was played, Mauricio Sulaiman He added that they also seemed to be very serious about it.

“They both know what a fight is and what an exhibition is,” he concluded. “They were hesitating but very seriously, they said it on the occasion of celebration, celebration, admiration.”

Mayweather jr he last fought on display last June and beat the youtuber Logan paul. Meanwhile, the legendary JC made some with Jorge “Naughty” Arce, but the last one, and that according to was his final farewell, was before Hector Camacho Jr in Guadalajara, in that same month.

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