Mayweather appeared at WBC judges seminar to defend fighters from poor scores

Mayweather apareció en seminario de jueces del CMB para defender a peleadores de malas puntuaciones

Floyd Mayweather Jr appeared in a surprising way at the judges’ seminar of the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council where he exhorted to be more fair in the scores with the fighters.

Mayweather jr arrived accompanied by Mauricio Sulaiman, head of the organization. He spoke for a few moments during the judges’ seminar at the convention. There, the considered best Pound for pound at the time, he defended the boxer from the bad decisions of the judges.

“We want boxers to be treated fairly,” he asked. Mayweather Jr. “It hurts me as a fighter at times, sitting at home watching the box, having to say that this is not good for the sport and it makes them walk away because they are not treated fairly.”

Mayweather He expressed that after a fight where the main actor, who is the boxer, is affected, he has to go home with that pain, otherwise the judges.

“A fighter has to live with that pain forever,” he commented. Mayweather Jr. “And the officer can go home with his family like nothing, but mentally he hurts the fighter.”

Finally, Floyd thanked the people present for keeping boxing alive.

“Thank you to those who are here,” he said. Mayweather jr in one of the rooms of the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental. “Thank you for keeping boxing alive, to you who meet every year.”

Money mayweather, who wore black pants and cap, and yellow sweatshirt, thanked those present for keeping the sport of fists current.

“You help us keep it as the best in the world,” he commented. Floyd. “I will always support and support boxing, I will always say that it is the best sport in the world.”

In a good mood, Mayweather signed autographs

Unlike Monday, during the inauguration of the maximum event of the CMB where Floyd He did not speak to the media, this day he did and even signed some gloves.

During his attendance on Monday, there was talk of a possible exhibition fight with Julio Cesar Chavez, with which he was seen smiling for a few minutes.

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