NFL Bets to Follow: Where Do Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Stand in the MVP Race?

NFL Bets to Follow: Where Do Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Stand in the MVP Race?

A look at some of the most attractive bet lines after 10 rounds of action in the NFL regular season

How quickly things can change!

An amazing week of Patrick Mahomes in the victory of the Chiefs by beating on the Raiders, and the problems that happened Tom brady in the surprise defeat of Tampa bay in view of Washingtonhave rocked the race for the award NFL Most Valuable Player, as well as the bet lines for the Super bowl.

Here’s a look at the latest on how things are doing after Week 10.

Most Valuable Player Options

Are you preparing us Patrick Mahomes for a dramatic race to the award of Most valuable Player? With a performance of 406 passing yards and five touchdowns without an interception Sunday night, Mahomes raised the Chiefs to the first site of the AFC West. However, when it comes to a bet, we are going to hit the brakes.

Mahomes It was spectacular, but the defense of the Raiders deserves part of the responsibility. In addition, it requires demonstrating much greater consistency, and Kansas city He has to spin a few more wins to make me seriously interested in backing him up at the window to outperform other quarterbacks.

It’s certainly worth noting, though, that his odds improved from 60-1 to 25-1. The Chiefs receive the Cowboys this Sunday, and we will learn a lot about Mahomes and Dak prescott (+700).

However, other quarterbacks continue to suffer. Just days after becoming the new gambling favorite, Tom brady (+450) threw two interceptions and the Bucs they were surprised in Washington. Josh allen (+250) became the betting favorite on Monday, after bouncing back from the unexpected loss of Buffalo in view of Jacksonville with a resounding victory over the Jets. Although I think this recognition will be taken, I cannot endorse it with such a low line.

Aaron Rodgers (+1000) seems like the best play this week It’s basically been as dynamic as ever. Further, Green bay he looked terrible in the only game he missed. I do believe that the way you handled the issue of your vaccination status will cost you votes, but if the Packers they stay with the first place in the sowing of the NFC, the Most valuable Player reigning will have a strong argument.

Most Valuable Player Favorites

Josh Allen +250
Tom Brady +450
Dak Prescott +700
Matthew Stafford +700
Kyler Murray +1000
Aaron Rodgers +1000
Lamar Jackson +1 100
Justin Herbert +2000
Patrick Mahomes +2500
Ryan Tannehill +5000
Joe Burrow +6000

Options for the Super Bowl

At some point, we must remind Titans. Tennessee owns the best brand in the AFC, and they wait for the stellar runner Derrick Henry back for the playoffs. Tennessee has odds of just 5-1 to win the conference and 11-1 to win the Super bowl. I’m not ready to pull the trigger, but I certainly feel like a fool to keep discounting them.

The Packers (+900) They still look undervalued. Although Rodgers he commands a lot of attention, and deservedly, the defense seems to be the one who makes the difference. He ranks in the top three units in points allowed, yards allowed, yards per play allowed, yards per attempt allowed, and opponent’s passer rating. Perhaps, we are all conditioned to ignore the Packers because Rodgers has only reached a Super bowl. However, I blame Mike mccarthy for those failures, and this year’s defense looks legitimate.

Do we believe in Patriots (+2500)? The Football Power Index from ESPN ranks them as the second best team in the AFC, with its divisional rivals from the AFC East as the first in the conference. New england has won and covered four games in a row, while the rookie Mac Jones He keeps looking more and more comfortable and effective with each passing week. The defense speaks for itself. Bill Belichick he’s a genius, and Prescott is the only quarterback who has truly played well in all 10 games of New england.

They are on all cylinders, but I wonder about your roof. I believe in the scheme of Belichick against limited quarterbacks like Baker MayfieldBut what happens when they face an elite team? It might not matter, because the AFC is less than NFC now. We will learn a lot in December, when the Bills, but I can’t blame anyone for putting money into Pats now.

The Colts (+6000) are actually quite intriguing. They lost a great duel against Tennessee, and we know very well about the shortcomings of Carson wentzBut the potential is there to transcend from a wild card spot. The defensive of Indy is as good as anyone else’s, and the offense has potential, thanks to Jonathan Taylor. I’ve placed worse bets than Indy at 30-1 to win the AFC.

Futures for the Super Bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600
Buffalo Bills +600
Los Angeles Rams +750
Green Bay Packers +900
Dallas Cowboys +1000
Arizona Cardinals +1000
Tennessee Titans +1100
Kansas City Chiefs +1100
Baltimore Ravens +1 300
New England Patriots +2500
Los Angeles Chargers +2800
Cleveland Browns +4000

Other prizes to consider

  • Mike vrabel (+400) is understandably the new favorite for Coach of the Year. The passage of Tennessee has been amazing, and you’ll get credit for doing it without Derrick Henry. The Titans have the easiest remaining schedule in the league, according to the Football Power Index from ESPN, and that looks good for the possibilities of Vrabel. However, I maintain that Belichick (+1200) is right there next to him, and his odds are much more favorable. Narratives play a huge role in voting. Belichick will receive recognition if Pats remain successful, but Vrabel it will be hard to beat.

  • The Chiefs are favorites by -110 to win the AFC West. It’s hard to avoid being a prisoner of the moment, but Kansas city gained a lot of confidence Sunday night in Las Vegas. The Chiefs they receive Dallas this Sunday before your date off, and then come the Raiders and Broncos. Then comes a visit to the Chargers in a forced game, since they already lost in the first commitment. I think it is worth betting on the Chiefs.

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