“Pitbull Cruz is going to come to fight”: Gervonta Davis expresses respect and caution against the Mexican

“Pitbull Cruz va venir a dar pelea”: Gervonta Davis expresa respeto y cautela ante el mexicano

Gervonta davis who will face Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz for the lightweight world title of the AMB On December 5, he assured that he must be very careful with the Mexican boxer.

“I know that cross will come to fight, “he said Davis in virtual press conference. “The fans will be the winners in this fight, because we both have come prepared to do our best. I’m ready to put on a great show. “

Davis says he is impressed with what he has seen of the Pitbull in his previous fights.

“You always have to adapt in boxing. It doesn’t matter what comes your way. I’m going to adapt to cross“He added Davis. “Every day I discover how he is thinking cross and what is going to contribute to the fight. cross He has impressed me in his past fights. Come here to win. It does not seek to simply hold on. He wants to enter and take the victory. He is not an opponent that you can overlook. A victory over him would be very important to me. “

The same way, Davis He assured that fans will be able to see a great show above the ring.

“This is a more interesting fight now, because we both show up,” he added. Gervonta. “This will be a great thing for the fans and another exciting night for the sport of boxing. May the best win. We both come with our best level ”.

It should be remembered that Gervonta davis I was going to fight first against Rolando Romero, but a complaint for alleged sexual abuse of the latter led to the battle being canceled.

Gervonta Davis spoke about 'Pitbull' Cruz

Gervonta Davis threatens to hit ‘Pitbull’ Cruz a lot

Gervonta Nothing was saved and assured that the Mexican had never faced someone like him, so above the ring he promised to hit him a lot in the face.

“He may say that I haven’t fought someone like him, but he hasn’t fought anyone like me either. I can box and I can hit. We will see what he is saying when they hit him in the face ”, he argued. “It sure will be fireworks. It will be something that you cannot miss. Don’t go get your popcorn or anything like that during this fight. This is another difficult task, but that’s what I’m made for ”.

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