The importance of Peru’s midfield to play against Venezuela

The importance of Peru's midfield to play against Venezuela

For the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, the Peruvian National Team will face Venezuela at the Olympic Stadium in Caracas. For the match, Ricardo Gareca has the eleven defined and will appeal to the good technique of Yoshimar Yotún in the midfield. In this way, 4-3-3 tactical system will be maintained to seek to add three points that will keep him in the dispute for the World Cup qualification.

How will Peru’s midfield be distributed? Renato Tapia will be the recovery midfielder, Sergio Peña will continue as an inside midfielder on the right and Yoshimar Yotún will return to the starting eleven to play as an inside midfielder on the left. Undoubtedly, three footballers who in the last time managed to understand and feel the game in the same way.

The role of Peruvian players in the midfield depends on the demands of the opponent and the moments of the match. That is to say, There could be passages in which Venezuela has the ball and a conservative proposal will have to be developed. For that, Yoshimar Yotún and Sergio Peña tend to catch up with the wingers to make a line of four in the midfield. In this way, the tactical order begins to be given to cover the spaces, in addition, they usually have established marks.

On the other hand, there is also the face of Peru with the ball. Without a doubt, a specialty for Peruvian midfielders who have good technique and criteria for the distribution of the ball. On this occasion, Yoshimar Yotún and Sergio Peña understand each other in the best way and alternate the function of getting the ball from the defenders. Thus, you try to progress and constantly seek the extremes.

Finally, a close match can be presented and the surprise factor will be important. Therefore, the interiors will have to look for the long distance auction. Clearly, both Yotún and Peña offer you this resource in matches.

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