The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 10

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 10

We reviewed the league ranking after 10 days of activity in the regular season

Everything indicates that the 2021 regular season is playing with us, fans of the NFL.

Every time we are ready to take a team seriously, it collapses in the most dramatic way possible, opening the door to all kinds of questions and queries.

The following week, the same team in which we have lost all faith recovers and offers a dominant performance from start to finish, while it is another club of the nominees that takes its turn to collapse.

The truth is that, although these results have as a result quite uneven days in the level and constancy of the franchises, they also promise high expectations for the closing of the campaign, when the time comes to distribute the invitations to the postseason.

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After 10 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

Aaron Rodgers came close to his second 300-yard passing game of the season and, for the second time this season, he went blank in the touchdown passing department, reflecting the game’s low scoring. Nor should we detract from his defense – despite how erratic Russell Wilson was – after continuing to suffer casualties such as Whitney Mercilus and Rashan Gary. – LMV

Tennessee’s throne on the Power Rankings throne was short-lived, but that has more to do with what Green Bay did than what the Titans stopped doing, who at this point may have the best defensive line in the entire country. NFL. The question that remains to be answered is whether the offensive weapons are enough to transcend between now and February. – RZ

The Cowboys bounced back from their most disappointing performance of the season with the most complete victory in many years. Dallas outscored the Falcons in every phase of the game en route to a beating win that included a special teams touchdown, making it clear that last week was an accident and their title hopes remain intact. – EC

The Jets paid for the broken dishes after Buffalo’s surprising loss to the Jaguars. Josh Allen was once again the same as we knew, accumulating more than 350 passing yards and the defense also deserves a separate mention for the four interceptions they got against Mike White. As previously stated, the Bills are going to be fine and remain serious candidates. – LMV

Sure, Arizona was completely wiped out at home by Carolina, but the Cardinals came in significantly decimated on offense without Kyler Murray or DeAndre Hopkins. Now, it only remains to hope that their respective injuries do not have serious consequences in the remainder of the season. – RZ

The past two weeks have been troubling for the Rams, who beefed up their roster with stellar talent to fight for the Super Bowl and right now they look more like a team fighting for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. If Sean McVay doesn’t straighten this ship’s course soon, the dream could turn into a nightmare. – EC

In silence, Kansas City already has three consecutive wins, now they even appear as leaders of their division and, if they had left doubts before the Giants and Packers – despite the victories – Patrick Mahomes seems to have sent a message that should instill fear in the rest of the league because perhaps his performance against the Raiders (406 yards and five touchdown passes) is the medicine to raise his level again. Now comes a real challenge before the Cowboys to see how real this resurgence is. – LMV

After seven Super Bowl rings, and a remarkably efficient season, Tom Brady is forgiven for a bad game. The problem is that Tampa failed to take advantage of the disaster in Arizona and Los Angeles in a competitive NFC where Green Bay and Dallas did raise their hands. – RZ

The biggest losers of Week 10 were the Ravens, as they not only suffered a tough loss in Miami, but the Dolphins showed the rest of the league the formula to effectively stop Lamar Jackson. – EC

New England seemed doomed with their 2-4 record, but “suddenly” revived with their four dominant appearances that, benefited by other results, have them just one game behind the lead in the AL East. Now they should smoothly navigate the challenge of the Falcons and then focus on the toughest part of their season when they meet the Titans and Bills in three weeks. – LMV

They went home with the crash, but it must be recognized that New Orleans was much more competitive than expected against Tennessee, and having a better kicker might have been enough to change the end of the story last Sunday. – RZ

Admittedly, Ben Roethlisberger’s last-minute loss conditioned the offense tremendously, but there is no justification for the defense’s embarrassing performance against the worst team in the NFL. – EC

It’s never a good time to deflate, but now they’ve racked up three losses in their last four appearances, even though maybe two of them – to the Ravens and the Patriots – were budgeted, but not to the Vikings at home. Now, next Monday, they will have a tough visit from the Steelers – who will surely already have Ben Roethlisberger – but the Chargers may gain strength when they see that, once again, their enclosure will be flooded with rival fans and that will take them to motivate themselves and get a win that helps them straighten the season again before it is too late. – LMV

Cam Newton possesses many super powers, but not enough to make these Panthers champions. What we do have to recognize is that Carolina could be more competitive in the second half of the season with Newton at the controls, accompanied by a healthy Christian McCaffrey, and complemented by a front-line defense. – RZ

The Bengals had a round week without needing to play: they enjoyed their rest and did not win any of their rivals in the AFC North. – EC

Las Vegas battled the new AL West leaders for a long time and it wasn’t until the fumble on a strange play by DeSean Jackson that the Chiefs finally began to split up, but the Raiders already see it very closely. bottom of the division and thanked the Broncos’ defeat for not being the owners of that site. – LMV

It won’t be easy at all, but with 937 rushing yards and seven games to go, there’s a long shot that Jonathan Taylor will hit 2,000 yards in the first 17-game regular season in NFL history if he can average about 152 per game. here at the end. – RZ

The lack of a solid running attack took a toll on the Browns, who were unable to ignite their offense in New England. But the problem goes beyond that, losing on the road is within the budget of any team in the NFL, not to stop fighting and that is exactly what happened with Cleveland. – EC

San Francisco perhaps played its rounder game of the season despite lapses in the second and third quarters making it difficult for them to move the ball to the Rams’ defense. This victory against a divisional rival, against whom they had a 0-3 record, can serve as the moment in which they turn their campaign around since Arizona is also coming off a loss and finally their fans were able to celebrate a triumph in good condition. from local until mid-November. – LMV

It is becoming increasingly clear that Kirk Cousins ​​is the Achilles heel of a Minnesota offense that has the potential to be the most explosive in the entire league. – RZ

The Eagles had relied on their running game to be competitive this year, but wide receiver DeVonta Smith’s sudden rise in recent weeks adds a new dimension to Philadelphia’s offense that could be a lot of fun to watch from now on. – EC

The East of the National seemed to be the perfect medicine for the Broncos since, until before the loss against the Eagles, they had a 3-0 record against the teams of that division and, above all, they came from beating the Cowboys as visitors. Now it seems that that triumph against Dallas was only a mirage since they were overcome with relative ease by Philadelphia and showed little attitude because they did not know how to recover to the return of the fumble that Darius Slay had, which seemed to be the last nail in the coffin when there was still the whole last quarter left. – LMV

Beyond the remarkable Thursday night performance of the Miami defense, throwing the “zero blitz” over and over again against the Ravens, Jevon Holland has been one of the youngsters generating real optimism in the midst of a lost season. for the Dolphins. – RZ

The Falcons collapsed in a big way this week, they were beaten by the Cowboys on offense, defense and on special teams. The math says they can still run for the playoffs, reality says it’s the perfect time to start planning next year. – EC

The set of the American capital perhaps achieved what will be their surprise of the season by beating even with relative ease the current NFL monarchs, who now already accumulate two defeats against very accessible rivals on paper, but that does not detract from the merit of Washington, who will now have to see how he manages to pressure the rival quarterback without the young Chase Young, who will miss the remainder of 2021. – LMV

Line by line, it is clear that Seattle has very notable names in some roster positions, but in general they are rare, and the talent of these Seahawks every week betrays a team that has nothing to compete with seriously. – RZ

The Bears should have taken advantage of the bye week to give Justin Fields a break, because they will need their quarterback to be fresh for this part of the season in which they will face the Ravens, Cardinals and Packers in a span of four weeks. – EC

New York entered their bye week on a high note with a balance of two wins and one loss in their most recent appearances and in the crash, against the Chiefs, they looked better than previously thought. No doubt the rest will help them recover some injured players, but their fans will hope that this has not cut them off the pace they seemed to be taking when visiting Buccaneers who arrive with open wounds after their surprise trips against the Saints and Washington. – LMV

The common phrase in the NFL is that a rebuild must be projected over three years in the league, but it is troubling in Jacksonville to imagine that it will take two and a half more years to change a deeply dysfunctional culture. – RZ

We’ve seen enough of Mike White, I admit it was fun at times, but his four interceptions against the Bills should be enough to get New York back on the bench, even if Zach Wilson isn’t ready to come back yet. – EC

Detroit was close to sending them to the bottom of our hierarchical list but the only thing that keeps them still in the penultimate place is the fact that they, at least, can already boast a victory in the campaign and to find it we must go back to Week 1. The Bad news continues as they will now visit the Titans, the hottest team in the NFL today. – LMV

The good news is that Detroit has claimed not to become the first 0-17 team in NFL history. The bad news is that an 0-16-1 is not objectively better than the 0-16 the Lions scored in 2008, so this is not the time to throw the bells flying. – RZ

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)

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