“We are looking for an agreement”: Benavidez manager spoke with Eddy Reynoso about fight with Canelo

“Estamos buscando acuerdo”: Manejador de Benavidez habló con Eddy Reynoso sobre pelea con Canelo

Sampson lewkowicz, handler David Benavidez, met with Eddy reynoso in the Convention of CMB, and ensures that they spoke to seek an agreement and that Benavidez faces Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez.

“We will see, we have a good friendship and we hope to reach a good agreement (for the fight between Canelo and Benavidez)”, he pointed Lewkowicz, handler Benavidez to ESNEWS. “We have definitely already made a proposal.”

David benavidez, who defeated by technical knockout in the seventh round Kyrone davis, He again challenged the Mexican champion to show their faces above the ring.

“I want that opportunity (against ‘Canelo‘). I think I deserve it, I am the best fighter at this weight, and I think that now I have to fight with him to show if he is the best in the world, “he told the media.

Reynoso questions Benavidez’s achievements to face Canelo

The coach of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, Eddy reynoso, ruled out that the champion is obliged to face David benavidez to establish himself as the best in the super middleweight division.

“In no way (the Canelo to beat Benavidez to sweep away the division). I think great boxers are the ones who beat great champions, ”he said.

In the same way, he was honest about what he thinks of the boxer born in Arizona, but of Mexican parents.

“I believe that Benavidez he is a good fighter, but up to there. For me, he has not achieved what people believe, he is a great boxer, my respects to him. But look at how many world champions has he beaten? How many defenses of his title has he made? How many unifications? “, He said.

Reynoso did not rule out a confrontation between the two in the future, when Benavidez have enough merits already.

“We are going to look for the challenges, the champions and the best for Saúl’s career. If the fight with Benavidez welcome. This is boxing, this is business and everything good for the career of Saul it is what we are going to do ”, sentenced.

David Benavidez is not ready for Canelo according to Eddy Reynoso.

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