Bayern Munich: book reveals how WhatsApp group helped topple coach Niko Kovac

Bayern Munich: book reveals how WhatsApp group helped topple coach Niko Kovac

According to reports published in the book ‘Bayern Insider’, Bayern players challenged Kovac in 2018 by going to a club in Miami, during the club’s preseason.

The stage of Niko Kovac at Bayern Munich she was full of frustration. Hired by the Bavarian giant to replace Jupp heynckes After excelling at Eintracht Frankfurt, the coach only spent a full season at the helm. And now a book details what may have caused him to lose his job.

A chapter of ‘Bayern Insider’, published by the German journalist Christian Falk, responsible for the daily coverage of the team for the newspaper Bild, revealed that a trip to the United States left deep marks on the locker room.

Munich traveled to North America in July 2018 with a staff full of young people and names who were left out of the World Cup in Russia, which had ended days before. The tour would serve to prepare for the season and for the coach to have more contact with the group.

After beating Paris Saint-Germain and losing to Juventus in Philadelphia, the club moved to Miami, where it would face Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. And that’s where Kovac lost control of the Bavarian dressing room and never managed to regain it.

According Christian falkSome Bayern players asked the manager for permission to go out one night, but Kovac did not grant them. Among them would be David Alaba, Rafinha, Franck Ribery and James Rodríguez, who would have led a group of players to leave the concentration without the consent of the coach.

According to the journalist, the departure was organized quickly and in less than 15 minutes they had everything arranged. The escape plan would have been developed in a WhatsApp group called ‘Miami Nights’.

The problem is that the players did not give importance to the coach’s orders and even left the hotel observed by members of the coaching staff, who notified the coach. The group returned to the rally around 06:00 the next morning. The players knew they would be punished.

To everyone’s surprise at Bayern, Kovac simply ignored the fact and did not punish anyone. The book does not mention all the players involved, nor does it indicate how many there were. And it was that decision that ruined the coach’s career at the Bavarian giant.

“When a coach has a position like that, he has to face the consequences. We would have accepted it. [el castigo]. By not saying anything, Kovac lost us. The team left again and continued for the next several months. Respect for Kovac was gone from the beginning “, An anonymous source pointed out Christian Falk.

Although he was victorious, the stage of Niko Kovac at Bayern Munich It was turbulent and did not meet expectations. The coach led the team in the Bundesliga 2018/2019 and even won a Germany Cup and one German Super Cup, but he was fired the following season when they lost 5-1 to Eintracht Frankfurt.

The coach has been in charge of Monaco since July 2020.

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