Brett Favre defaults on payment of $ 228,000 in case related to embezzlement

Brett Favre defaults on payment of $ 228,000 in case related to embezzlement

The former quarterback has returned $ 1.1 million received from the Mississippi Community Education Center, but has yet to cover interest on that amount.

JACKSON – Former LA quarterback NFL, Brett favre, missed a deadline to pay $ 228,000 in interest on welfare money he was paid for a public lecture contract, which he failed to give, the state auditor said Tuesday. Mississippi.

Shad white, the auditor, noted that he will refer the matter to the state attorney general’s office, one month after sending a demand letter to Favre.

White He also noted that the attorney general is in charge of enforcing the auditor’s unmet demands.

According to the auditor, the Attorney General and the Department of Human Services they gave a private attorney authority “to recover wasted money,” he wrote. White On twitter.

He added that “We have been in contact with the lawyer and we will provide him with all the information he needs.”

Favre He does not face criminal charges, but the leader of the organization that paid him is awaiting trial in one of the largest embezzlement cases in Mississippi.

Favre and White They had a discussion on Twitter on October 29, because the auditor said the former quarterback did not make any speeches after being paid with welfare money.

The dispute occurred days after Favre return $ 600,000 to the state, the latter part of the $ 1.1 million that, according to the auditor, received Favre from a nonprofit organization that used money intended to help people in need in one of the poorest states in the country, but said Favre you still owe $ 228,000 in interest.

“Of course they gave me the money, because I would never knowingly take funds intended to help our neighbors in need, but what Shad white continue to defend this lie that the money was for events where I did not show up is something I cannot keep silent about, ”he wrote. Favre.

He said he did commercials for which he was paid by a non-profit organization. White tweeted that the contract Favre it required speeches and a radio ad.

Allegations of wasting money from the program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families came to light in early 2020, when the former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services and five other people were charged.

Among them is Nancy new, who directed the Mississippi Community Education Center, the organization that paid Favre.

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