Dani Alves returns to Barcelona with all his magic: “If you give me a couple of hours, I’m going to look for Messi”

Dani Alves returns to Barcelona with all his magic: "If you give me a couple of hours, I'm going to look for Messi"

BARCELONA – Dani Alves landed this Wednesday at Barcelona as if he were a Hollywood star and proving that he maintains not only intact, but even more so, his ascendancy and consideration of an idol among the Barça fans.

He brought together nearly 10,500 fans devoted to him at the Camp Nou and declared, already there and later in the press room, that his desire is to “regain joy and optimism. You have to be positive and not get carried away by it. pessimism. We are going to transform the club as we did at the time because although the challenge is great, the desire is also great. ” And if “They give me two hours, I’m going for Messi” …

“I know what this club represents and its colors. What it is, its history … We spoiled people at the time with all the titles we won and now we have to recover that. If we are all together the boat will come to fruition port “, he warned, sure of his speech and making it clear that his return ended up taking place at his own insistence, above any other circumstance:” I got very heavy with the president who wanted to return. For me it is a pleasure to help, not a obligation, and I got so heavy that the president passed me to Xavi. He called me saying he was counting on me and from then on everything was easy. “

“For me what I am going to earn in salary is not important, what counts is my family and mine. I come to fight, to play, to fight for a position and earn the right to play, not because it is history here or be friends with the coach. People will expect the best of me and I want to respond on the field … But money issues are secondary to me because the important thing, for me, was to be able to return to Barça, “he said, confirming , proclaiming that reuniting with Real Madrid is a maximum objective in the first person.

“Yes, of course. Of course I do … The most special game you can play, the biggest, is against Real Madrid and it’s the one I want to play” he agreed, smiling and giving special emphasis to his character as daring as he was. his non-negotiable commitment to Barcelona, ​​for whom, he said, he would do what was necessary, including going to look for Messi to return with him.

“If you give me a couple of hours I’ll go find it,” he sentenced with a smile, before revealing that this would be an almost unthinkable option. “There are things already written and that will always be remembered. Leo is the greatest I have had as a partner and it will be incredible to see him here again … But unfortunately it cannot be like that” he conceded … before the president intervened to ” do not rule out anything “amid widespread surprise.

“We are talking about Messi and Iniesta, two people who have made this club great and who we have in mind. I cannot predict the future and although they have a contract with other clubs, you never know …”, Laporta said.

“There are things that change and others that do not. Everything I do will be for the good of Barcelona, ​​that is clear,” he said, in a more serious tone, Alves clarifying that his intention above all “is to collaborate in giving back the joy and the successes to the club I have spoken with Xavi, I can play on the side, in the center of the field … The important thing is to help, collaborate in the group and what I will do is fight to earn my space in the team. Not because of what I did, but because of what I can do from now on. “

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