Federer: “I would be extremely surprised if I made it to Wimbledon”

Federer: "I would be extremely surprised if I made it to Wimbledon"

Hard words from Roger Federer to the Swiss media tagesanzeiger.ch. Tough on the fans and the whole tennis environment. Because the Swiss, with open heart, went to depth and confirmed without more that it will be difficult to see him back before the European summer of 2022.

It had been confirmed by Ivan Ljubicic, one of his coaches, but seeing him on crutches at the last Laver Cup in Boston was a wake-up call. While many thought he would be able to make it in time for the Australian Open, the news is not encouraging at all. His knee continued to bother him, and that is why he decided to undergo surgery again to gain quality of life.

It was known that his return to the courts was not going to be in the short term, but the dates that the Swiss begins to handle and that he reveals in the interview show the real extent of the injury he has in that right knee: “I won’t be able to go running until January and I won’t be able to train with ball until March or April. I would be very surprised if I came to play at Wimbledon (2022) ”.

Federer is clear that he will return. It is his will and he wants to say goodbye on the court and not through a statement or a press conference: “I don’t care if I return in 2022 or 2023, 40 or 41 years old. The question I ask myself is whether I will be able to torture myself every day for my return. Today my heart tells me yes. Although I know the end is near, I would like to try to play a couple more important games again.

With only 19 games played in two seasons, Federer persists in his idea: “Nobody knows, not even the doctors themselves (if he will be able to fight for the Slams tomorrow). Me, I still hope. My world won’t collapse if that doesn’t happen again, but my dream now is to be able to return. I believe in these kinds of miracles because I have already seen them. I would like to see again what I can achieve as a professional tennis player ”.

His love for tennis makes him want to work really hard to say goodbye from the inside: “I have a hard time making the decision (to retire). I wish I could be the one to decide the moment. That is something very personal, we all want me to be able to say goodbye in my own way on a tennis court ”.

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