“I silenced the entire plaza with a single blow”: Rosendo Álvarez and the day Finito López went to the canvas

Silencié a toda la plaza con un solo golpe: Rosendo Álvarez y el día que Finito López se fue a la lona

A right wing led to the most memorable moment in the Nicaraguan’s career Rosendo Alvarez, because he silenced the Plaza de Toros México after sending to the canvas Ricardo “Finito” López in a fight that ended tied, a result that the Nicaraguan considered unfair.

“Yes, the most memorable moment of my career,” he recalled. Rosendo Alvarez in an interview with LEFT PUNCH during the Convention of CMB in Mexico City. “Because it was a unification fight against the best, one of the best pound for pound in the world.”

It was on March 7, 1998 when the Finite put into play the straw title of World Boxing Council, and the Buffalo, the one with the World Boxing Association. The fight was at the house of Lopez, the Mexico City.

Thousands of fans, almost 50,000 who filled the Plaza México, fell silent in the second round. Rosendo Alvarez had sent to the canvas Finito Lopez, who by then, had already forged a career that placed him among the best Mexicans in history. What’s more, Lopez he marched with an undefeated record, and that day’s draw would be the only blemish on his record.

“I silenced the entire plaza with a single blow,” he recalled. Alvarez with a smile. “When it fell Finite everyone was astonished, they remained silent because it was a very shocking blow ”.

And it was no coincidence to have connected it that way, the Central American acknowledged. In preparation, they had found a flaw in the monarch CMB, who was threatening when he was about to release the jab. That took advantage of Rosendo, who even hurt sparrings with that forehand fly.

“We had already studied it,” said the Buffalo. “It was not a fluke or a stroke of luck. The blows in professional boxing are studied and this is what happened with Pacquiao and Marquez. He did it, it wasn’t a fluke. We worked the overhang from the right up and it helped me a lot ”.

Draw with Finito López, an unfair result for Rosendo Álvarez

The fight ended in the seventh round after an accidental collision that caused a cut to the Mexican’s right eyebrow. Therefore, they had to go to the cards for the tie that did not leave a good taste in the mouth of Rosendo.

“Yes (the result was unfair), the same Richard he has said it in his conferences “, he indicated Rosendo. “That he considers that tie stained his record, because it is a stain that he will have for life. And every time they talk about Richard the name of Rosendo, something that remained historically “.

Unifying the crowns was a dream for the monarch of the AMB and the opportunity to end the undefeated of Richard. Although he did not succeed, that event was a thing of the past and people continue to talk about it, “about a tie with a taste of victory for me and a tie with a taste of defeat for Richard”.

That time, reveal the Buffalo, they paid him $ 265,000 tax-free. It was a good bag for a 105-pound fighter, who acknowledged that the result was not favorable, but he stays with his performance and the words of the Mexicans.

“It was not favorable to me, but thank God he did not defeat me, it would have been more terrible if they took the fight from me,” he said. Rosendo. “The Mexicans themselves say it (that the result was unfair). If there is something great about this country, it is that people know boxing and people value true champions and in Mexico they gave me that value ”.

But what he remembers most with emotion is that he faced a fighter who was devastating. Ricardo was already world champion when Rosendo I was just going to debut. However, Álvarez was about to take away the undefeated and teach him a lesson.

“When I was already champion FiniteI was just an amateur, ”recalled the Nicaraguan. “And one day I was watching a boxing match and it was the Finite. I sit down and see that the fight was my weight. Finite it was huge, extraordinary and it knocked out ”.

After his professional debut in December 1992, it took three years for Rosendo was world champion. The title changed his way of seeing boxing and in that first fight with the Mexican it was vital.

“I saw it and said, if he fights with me it will kill me,” he recalled. Alvarez. “It was my thought because I was an amateur, but three years later I became fast and I was already a champion. We fought and the one who almost killed him was me ”.

The right hand that silenced all of Mexico

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