The 49ers meet again with the 2019 formula for success

The 49ers meet again with the 2019 formula for success

San Francisco has begun to look like the team that was crowned in the National Conference ahead of Super Bowl LIV

SANTA CLARA – The San Francisco 49ers They turned the clock back on strategy and execution, and taught the formula they might need if they want to fight for a playoff spot in the second half of the season.

The Niners once again they played as the team that was crowned in the National Conference in 2019, carrying the ball 44 times and using a fierce defense to beat Los Angeles Rams by 31-10 on Monday night.

“Honestly, it felt very similar to the year of Super bowl“Said the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. “It felt like we carried the ball 30 times in every game that year. It’s just what we can do, and be successful a third time. It is a good recipe for us ”.

The head coach Kyle shanahan had set a bold goal of 40 carries per game for the 49ers (4-5), who came from performing 11 in the 31-17 defeat against the Arizona cardinals. That number represented the fewest running plays in the strategist’s five years in office.

But Shanahan felt good about the sample that represented the first offensive series, in which the 49ers they ran 12 times out of 18 plays. The breakthrough was capped off with a touchdown pass from Garoppolo to George kittle that set the tone for the meeting.

San Francisco carried the ball 40 times in four separate 2019 games during the regular season and in back-to-back postseason victories, leading to the Super bowl.

Since then he had not succeeded and had suffered hardships on third occasions. This made it difficult to mount long offensive series and their defense had not been able to steal the ball from their rivals.

Consequently, 49ers suffered five defeats in six games and sank near the bottom of the league standings. National Conference.

But the victory against Rams got them back into the fight, mid-game of the Carolina panthers for seventh place in the playoffs in the National.

“I said 40, because that number includes the whole team,” he said. Shanahan. “The defense has to play that way, and [la ofensiva] Also, just like the special teams, and we have to be effective on third chances. We have to force exchanges of the ball and we must not deliver them ourselves. This is how you steal possessions of the ball. It was great how the team played in general because of the way we set the pace. “

It works

Deebo Samuel carrying the ball. The offensive of San Francisco has revolved around Samuel, who is the second of the NFL in yards per reception with 979. But Shanahan revealed a new way to exploit him, by handing him the ball as a runner out of the backfield on a few occasions. He posted six times as a running back – nearly equaling his total of seven in the first eight games – which was reflected in five carries for 36 yards and a touchdown.

What is not working?

Passes out of numbers. Garoppolo he did most of his Monday night work in midfield with 13 of his 15 completions between the numbers. He was only 2-for-4 for 21 yards throwing to the wings, according to Pro Football Focus.

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