The one by one of the players of the Colombian National Team in the tie against Paraguay

The one by one of the players of the Colombian National Team in the tie against Paraguay

The Colombian National Team could not with Paraguay and ended tied 0-0 at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla. for the 14th date of the Qualifiers. The coffee team continues to lose important points and their qualification for the Qatar 2020 World Cup is at risk.

James Rodríguez started again but the Tricolor table continued to show many doubts in the creation and in the definition. The 16 players who were present against the Guaraní team could not overcome their rival and their performance was quite opaque.

Then one by one of the Colombian footballers who completed 5 games without scoring a goal.

David Ospina (7)
He did not have much work during the game as Paraguay never reached him with shots on goal. There was only one play that ended up hitting the stick but he had no participation in it.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (6)
The best of the side was seen in the defensive facet where he made several precise closures that impeded the offensive game of his rival. In attack he was very imprecise, delivering many balls in the wrong way, many of the centers he made did not have the necessary precision and in hand-to-hand he was very well guarded by the Paraguayan defense.

Dávinson Sánchez (6)
Again he looked very nervous making some childish mistakes on the baseline. He made some precise closures that prevented the Guarani attack. The clearest that Paraguay had in the first half was due to a mistake he made when he wanted to head a ball. Most of the balls that reached his zone he tried to reject them so as not to be compromised. (6 points)

William Tesillo (7)
Good job from the defender who did not compromise against the attacks from Paraguay. When a ball arrived in his area, he did not complicate himself and he rejected with all his might. He was seen to be nervous in some plays, especially when he had to cover on the left wing.

Yairo Moreno (7)
Good game from the winger who, with his attacks in attack, gave the team a lot of clarity and helped create danger balls on the left wing. He made several centers that lacked good direction to be connected by the forwards. In defense he had no major problems as Paraguay did not attack much, however, he made two incorrect passes and one of them almost caused a dangerous attack.

James Rodriguez (8)
Despite not being in full condition, he was one of the best players on the field. He asked for the ball, associated with his teammates, shot the goal, executed several poisonous centers to the heart of the area and had a lot of competitive spirit during the minutes he was on the court. He was key in the offensive transitions with his filtered passes and between the lines, but in the second half he ran out of gas and was less and less important in the development of the game.

Jefferson Lerma (6)
He fulfilled the defensive tasks, helping the back line when Paraguay tried to arrive in danger. In the offensive game, it was together with Cuellar who was in charge of making the first pass. In that task he was not very effective and his passes went unnoticed without the necessary depth.

Gustavo Cuéllar (5)
Pale performance of the midfielder who could not help the team’s attack start. Erratic in passing, with few ideas when delivering the ball and no leadership in the middle of the court. He was booked for a strong foul and will miss the next game against Peru.

Luis Diaz (6)
He improved the level he had shown in the last games, however, he still needs more to raise his performance because clarity is lacking at the end of the plays. He made several overflows on the left wing that did not end up creating danger in front of the Paraguayan gate. A shot throughout the game from outside the area that was controlled by goalkeeper Antony Silva.

JLuis Muriel (5)
Low performance of the player who has not been able to regain his level since he returned to the courts after overcoming a muscle injury. He did not have good control of the ball, he delivered it several times in the wrong way and the attacks he made always ended the play incorrectly. The first goal opportunity was in his boots, but his shot inside the area was bitten and deflected.

Miguel Angel Borja (5)
The forward’s weak performance who was far from his level, probably because he has not physically recovered after the injury he suffered in a Gremio match. The gunner made a cross on the right wing and others on the left wing, both very poorly executed. In addition, he made a shot without power from outside the area and wasted the most important goal play of the first half with a header that was deflected.

Diego Valoyes (6)
He entered in the second half to start the team on the right wing. He was nervous, with little clarity and ending the plays in the wrong way. In the last minute of the game he had the winning goal, but his shot was deflected over the crossbar.

Duvan Zapata (5)
Much sacrifice, heart and attitude but very poor aim. The forward had a good game, however, in making decisions when he had to finish on goal, the executions were always wrong.

Victor Cantillo (6)
He entered in the second half for a specific task, taking care of the first pass out. He fulfilled the objective and distributed balls to the sides and filtered in a good way.

Rafael Santos Borré (5)
He entered the second half and did not have much participation in the plays in attack.

Cristian Arango (5)
He entered in the second half to help in the attack but did not find the ways due to the shallow depth of the game. His debut went unnoticed due to the poor clarity of Colombia in the last third of the court.

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