The quarterback ranking after Week 10 of the regular season

The quarterback ranking after Week 10 of the regular season

Who were the brightest – and least – shining passers during Matchday 10 of the NFL campaign?

While Week 10 didn’t give us much normalcy in terms of expected results, there was more of that in terms of passer performances.

Two quarterbacks broke the 90-point mark on the Total QBR, and some household names returned to high positions on our weekly list. On the other hand, there were two passers with one digit in the metric developed by ESPN Stats & Information, one of them surprisingly.

As usual, we present – in strict alphabetical order – the five best and five worst quarterbacks of the Week 10 on the NFL.

Five quarterbacks on the rise

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills. The Bills quarterback finally raised his head after some dubious performances, completing 21 of 28 for 366 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He led the league with a whopping 13.07 yards per pass attempt – the highest on record of the season – the only one to rise to double digits, and was sixth-best in completion percentage, with a 75.0. Additionally, he was fifth-best among all passers with a rate of just 7.1 percent of his passes being imprecise, and his total passing yards was the second-highest on the day. With an 85.3, he was awarded the third highest Total QBR in Week 10.

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers. Okay, San Francisco didn’t require video game numbers from Garoppolo’s arm, but not all NFL teams understand this notion. The Niners quarterback completed 15 of 19 pass attempts for 182 yards with two touchdowns without interceptions. He was second best on the day with just 5.6 percent of his passes being incomplete, second best with an average of 9.58 yards per pass attempt, and third best with 78.9 percent of his passes connected. His 95.9 QBR Total was the highest among all passers to date.

Mac Jones, New England Patriots. The most you can ask of a rookie quarterback in this league in enough consistency not to lose games from position. Jones has delivered on that, and more. The Alabama product connected on 19 of 23 pass attempts for 198 yards with three touchdowns without interceptions. No one had a higher completion percentage than Jones’ 82.6, and no one had an imprecise passing percentage lower than his 4.5. An average of 8.61 yards per pass attempt was good to rank him fifth among all Week 10 quarterbacks, and a Total QBR of 83.9 left him fourth-best on matchday 10.

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. Did Mahomes and the Kansas City attack finally wake up? We don’t know, but the NFL is more fun when the Chiefs are fired up. With 35 of 50 completions for 406 yards and five touchdown passes with no interceptions, Mahomes posted a Total QBR of 83.4 that ranked him fifth for the week. Also, he was sixth-best in yards per pass attempt, averaging 8.12, and ninth-best with a 70.0 completion percentage. No one threw for more yards or more touchdowns in the league than the Chiefs’ all-star.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys. With a 93.4 QBR Total from his 24-of-31 attempts for 296 yards with two touchdowns without interceptions, and an additional touchdown on the ground, Prescott restored offensive luster to the Cowboys’ season. He ranked fourth in completion percentage, at 77.4 percent, and third with an average of 9.55 yards per pass attempt. Discounting injuries, there’s no reason to suppose Prescott might not be in the MVP conversation between now and the end of the season.

Five quarterbacks down

Jared Goff, Detroit Lions. A new game, and a new appearance for Goff in the red on our list. In fairness, the entire Lions team is disappointed for the year, even after the first round they don’t lose. Goff completed 14 of 25 pass attempts for 114 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions, but was second to last in the NFL with just 4.56 yards on average for each pass attempt, and was sacked four times. Additionally, he was the ninth-worst in completion percentage, at 56.0, and his Total QBR of 14.3 was the fifth-worst in the NFL.

Colt McCoy, Arizona Cardinals. It was a nightmare for the Cardinals not to have Kyler Murray at the controls. McCoy could only deliver an 11-of-20 performance for 107 yards with no touchdown and an interception, plus a loose fumble, before he was hurt from the game. No one in the entire league scored a lower Total QBR than McCoy’s 4.5, and he was also the worst in the NFL in inaccurate passing percentage, at 30 percent. He scored the seventh-lowest percentage of completions, at 55 percent, and the seventh-worst average of yards per pass attempt, at 5.35.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta quarterback was second of two on the day with a Total QBR that didn’t even reach double digits, settling at 9.1. He completed nine of 21 pass attempts for 117 yards with no touchdowns and with two interceptions and one fumble. His was the lowest passing percentage for the week, at just 42.9. and 5.57 average yards per pass attempt, putting him in ninth-worst place. His inaccurate passing rate of 19 percent was the sixth worst of the day, in the beating of the Falcons at the hands of Dallas.

Mike White, New York Jets. Very recently, it was a sensation. Now, he paid the price against Buffalo. White had a tough time against the Bills, connecting on 24 of his 44 passes for 251 yards with no touchdowns for four interceptions. 20.9 percent of his passes were imprecise, the fourth highest rate in the league, and he was the sixth worst in ERA, with 54.5 percent complete passes. His QBR Total of 27.7 was the seventh lowest on the day. There is no guarantee that Zach Wilson, the starter, would have had a better time in Week 10, but we assume that White will not receive the same patience as the second overall pick from the past draft.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. It was a less than lucky return for Wilson to the Seahawks’ lineup after a broken middle finger on his pitching hand. The Seattle star was able to connect on just 20 of 40 pass attempts for 161 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions, and scored the third worst QBR total of the date, a 13.0. His completion rate of just 50.0 percent was the fourth-lowest figure, and at just 4.03 yards per pass attempt on average, he also struggled enough to find consistent verticality on attack. Perhaps still due to his injury, he was second worst on the day with 26.3 percent inaccurate passes.

Data of ESPN Stats & Information and TruMedia were used in the writing of this note.

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