“There is no grudge at all”: The peculiar face between Roberto Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard

No hay rencor de nada: El peculiar encare entre Roberto Durán y Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar ray leonard and Roberto “Hands of Stone” Durán They were staunch enemies in the ring and faced each other three times. Today the faces were seen again, but in a different way, because they are even friends.

“There is no grudge at all,” he emphasized Duran to Leonard on several occasions.

During the third day of activities of the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Leonard and Stone hands they were face to face. Even with the replicas of some piñatas of his people in boxing clothes, those yes that were face to face.

“He was one of my best rivals,” he said. Leonard in one of the rooms of the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental. “I learned so much from him, he was a great rival.”

The first professional defeat of Sugar ray leonard It was on June 20, 1980 precisely before Roberto Duran, which at that time disliked him, but today they are friends.

“With him I lost my first professional fight, I did not like him at first,” revealed the American. “But now we are friends and I really love him very much.”

The funny face between Leonard and Durán

Duran, who joked in front of the piñatas by throwing his own against that of Leonard, he expressed total respect for whoever his opponent was.

“I’m happy with him,” he began. “Because when he does charity things for children who are sick, he always calls me and tells me to go to the United States.”

Sugar Ray Leonard and how boxing saved him

Before the meeting of the two legends, Leonard spoke for several minutes in the main hall of the Convention and recalled how boxing helped him overcome serious problems, including the sexual abuse he suffered as a child.

“I got lost in drugs and alcohol,” revealed the American. “I have been 16 years without drinking, boxing has given me so much …”

Just as he revealed years ago in a book about the sexual abuse he suffered, today he touched on the subject again and highlighted boxing as a door to help and escape.

“Few people know the fact that I was sexually abused as a child,” he commented. Leonard. “It was my secret and when I started to make it more expressive it was because of boxing, it was such a delicate and controversial subject, but it embraced boxing, which made me what I am today.”

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