How was the bullet that Terence Crawford received in the head and why did he not die?

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He started boxing from the age of eight and with that he began to have many problems in the streets, he knew how to defend himself and they attacked violently. In this text we tell you about the bullet of Terence crawford, how it was and why it survived.

Crawford He is one of the best boxers pound for pound, not even the bullets beat him. He liked to gamble, play dice and then take all the money, but one of his rivals decided to assassinate him in the middle of the street.

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How was the Terence Crawford shot?

The boxer grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, since he was a child he was in gangs and they expelled him from all the schools he entered, let’s say that formality was not his thing.

In 2008 he made his debut as a professional boxer, but he did not stop betting and that brought him a lot of problems. One night he went to play dice, he won, he left the place happy and went to his truck to count all the money, but someone of his rivals was unhappy.

Crawford He relates that it was night, he was in his truck and he only heard a bang, the window of the vehicle broke and he felt a strong blow to his head.

What happened is that someone shot him from outside the vehicle, the bullet lost power when hitting the thickness of the glass and only bounced off the head of Crawford.

“I was shot in the head in 2008, after playing dice. The bullet ricocheted off my skull and fell. “

After the incident, Terence He drove to the hospital to be checked, but the doctors told him they hurt him.

The shot changed his life

When the boxer realized that he was fine, his mind thought of revenge, he was furious and he just wanted to kill the person who shot him.

“I was furious, I was thinking of nothing but revenge. I wanted to find the guy and kill him. Then I realized that it was not doing me any good, so I focused on boxing. ”

A second life lesson came when he traveled to Rwanda in the company of a former teacher who works in an NGO. During that trip, he learned about the history of the genocide of the Hutus against the Tutsis and then he obtained another panorama of life.

Crawford has received more lessons in his life outside of the ring than as a boxer and that is more valuable.


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