“Making history is not as important as getting into people’s hearts”: Beristáin talks about Canelo looking for titles in five divisions

Hacer historia no es tan importante como meterse al corazón de la gente: Beristáin habla de Canelo buscando títulos en cinco divisiones

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez you shouldn’t have a problem if you face Ilunga Makabu and neither would it be to go up to the cruiser division, assured the coach Ignacio “Nacho” Beristáin, who made it clear that entering the history of boxing is not as important as doing it in the hearts of the people, something that Guadalajara lacks.

Questioned if Canelo would go down in boxing history with a title in a different fifth division, Don nacho He assured that it is more important to enter the hearts of the people.

“Entering boxing history is not as important as getting into people’s hearts,” he said bluntly. Nacho Beristain in interview. “And to get in there is very bastard.”

Finally, he said that Canelo He is missing something to achieve it, which will win with more fights and that can convince the fans.

“He must keep fighting and give a fight that convinces people,” he concluded. Beristain. “Because he can be winning and winning fights and nothing happens.”

Canelo, new universal champion of 168 pounds

Beristain sees few complications for Canelo at cruiserweight

“It can be complicated by the difference in weight,” he said. Beristain regarding the possibility that Canelo move up to cruiserweight. “But I don’t think that the black boy is (Makabu) has the ability, what happens is that everyone wants to fight with him (Canelo) for him for the ticket ”.

Don nacho, who was this Wednesday at the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC), said it will depend on the quality of the rival you have Canelo at 200 pounds, but consider that he will come out with his hand up.

“It depends on the quality of the cruise that they are going to put it on,” he commented. Beristain. “At that weight there is no great material. I think that he is going to continue reaping triumphs, he is an athlete, he takes care of himself, he prepares well, he also has a great coach ”.

Thus, he reiterated that there would be no complication for Canelo move up to that division, as they asked for Tuesday in the mandatory session.

“At present, nothing is complicated for him,” he said. Beristain. “I believe that he has the capacity to solve any problem that is put before him. No matter the quality, the class is first ”.

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