Mysterious injury prevents Aaron Rodgers from training with Packers

Mysterious injury prevents Aaron Rodgers from training with Packers

The quarterback suffered a toe injury during his COVID-19 quarantine, and while he declines to reveal details, it was enough to prevent him from practicing with Green Bay.

GREEN BAY – Whatever happened to the toe of Aaron Rodgers during his quarantine for COVID-19 – and he will not reveal what happened – sidelined him from Wednesday’s practice, preventing the quarterback and head coach of the Green Bay Packers, Matt LaFleur work in the synchronicity that he believes was lacking in the offensive upon the return of Rodgers In the past week.

TO Rodgers He was repeatedly asked about his toe during his weekly appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, and then stayed out of training on Wednesday. Although it was technically considered a simulation, the Packers They said they would not have trained if it was a regular practice.

The only thing he said Rodgers Wednesday it was his toe injury, and nothing else, that kept him out of training.

“I’m not sure what the status will be tomorrow or Friday, but I would like to be out there if I feel good,” he said. Rodgers. “But, it was definitely a better week than the last, being separated [durante la cuarentena], being able to be in all meetings. I plan to be in practice tomorrow, although I’m not sure how involved I will be. “

Although he stressed that he would not keep him out of Sunday’s duel against the Minnesota Vikings, Rodgers another week could go by without significant training time.

The wide receivers of the Packers, Davante Adams and Allen lazard, also appeared in the report of injuries due to shoulder problems. Adams was listed as limited, while Lazard I do not participate.

Everything comes right after LaFleur point out that some of the problems of Packers on the offensive during the 17-0 victory over the Seattle Seahawks It was due to a lack of time to practice together.

“We must return to the practice field,” he explained. LaFleur at the beginning of the week. “We need those guys to just keep working on the timing issue, making sure of the details of the depth of the routes and our precise assignments, because I think that if they now look at our offense as a whole, there is an opportunity out there for us. I know we can run at a higher level. I know we can run at a higher level. We’re a little out of date with some of those details, and I think that’s really hurt us, specifically. [el domingo], but even throughout the season. “

Rodgers You haven’t participated in a full-length, regular practice in almost a month. His last regular training session came on October 22, two days before a game against him. Washington Football Team. The Packers they had no practice – just slow-speed sessions – ahead of Thursday night’s game against the Arizona cardinals October 28. After a weekend off, they only had a short simulation the following Monday, November 1. After a day off on Tuesday, Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, and did not return with the team until a day before the game against the Seahawks.

The Packers they only got three points in the first half against Seattle, and Rodgers He finished the game without touchdown passes, in addition to throwing a characteristic little interception in the end zone.

“It’s more about the details,” he offered. Rodgers. “If you watch the video back, we had multiple mental errors and just little details that we didn’t do very well, and we need to clean that up for sure. As far as timing is concerned, I don’t know if it was a lot of timing issues, but more issues of timing. details and in the schemes that we did not do very well on Sunday “.

It has been a long period for Packers, who have two more games left before their free day of Week 13, the penultimate date possible for the break. Even so, Rodgers stressed that his toe is his only problem, and that he felt good coming back from COVID-19.

“Obviously, the body really craves it, as does my toe,” he acknowledged. Rodgers. “But we have two games left until then. It is a question of the day to day, how I feel, if I am going to practice or not, but I did not find setbacks with the recovery, standard Monday and Tuesday, as it has been throughout the season. So I feel good when it comes to oxygen. I definitely took a few hits on Sunday, but I feel good today, on Wednesday. “

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