Records of an MVP: Why does Fernando Tatis Jr. deserve the award in the National League?

Records of an MVP: Why does Fernando Tatis Jr. deserve the award in the National League?

The court goes into session. ESPN Digital’s “lawyers” will present all the evidence on the merits of the Dominican shortstop to win the most coveted award in the National League

The final awards for the 2021 Major League Baseball season are being announced by al Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) and with the awards of Rookie of the Year, Leader of the Year and Cy young already delivered, full attention is placed on who will be the award winners Most valuable Player in both circuits.

For this award, the votes have already been cast and it only remains to wait for the final decision to be announced on Thursday 18, however, we want to present the proofs of why, Fernando Tatis Jr. should be the Most valuable Player of the National League. This is why, putting on our caps and gowns, we will act as “lawyers” for the San Diego Padres shortstop and present the evidence that will irrefutably demonstrate that the Dominican is, without a doubt, the Mvp of the “Old Circuit”.


Let’s talk about numbers initially. Fernando Tatis Jr. He played 130 games in 2021, taking into account that he was twice on the disabled list due to shoulder problems and was also out due to COVID-19.

Despite losing 32 games, he remained the leader in home runs in the National League with 42, which accompanied 97 RBIs and 99 runs. He managed to accumulate 292 total bases and had a batting average of .282, along with an on-base percentage (OBP) of .364, as well as a slugging (SLG) of .611, good for an OPS of .975. It is also important to add 25 stolen bases, the second most among shortstops in MLB in 2021.

He was by far one of the best two-out hitters of the season (not to mention the best), compiling a .388 average and a 1,223 OPS in 154 plate appearances.

He reached his first Stars game in 2021 and won his second Blata bat consecutively, becoming one of the five players who have reached, to have twice the award in consecutive campaigns before turning 23 years.


Fernando Tatis Jr. punished pitchers a lot within his division, especially those of San Francisco Giants, against whom he ended up hitting a .330 average.

However, the pitcher most punished by Tatis Jr. it was Ross Strippling from Toronto blue jays, who allowed five hits (including two home runs) in eight games, for a .625 average and a 1.375 OPS. Some important men for their squads who were punished for Tatis Jr. are Madison bumgarner (.500 / .588 / 1.000 in 14 shifts), Kevin Gausman (.471 / .500 / .882 in 17 shifts) and Zack greinke (.400 / .500 / .700 in 10 shifts).


Like one of the faces of baseball Fernando Tatis Jr. managed to make history in 2021, on and off the field. The Dominican became the youngest player in the history of official video games of MLB (MLB: TheShow right now) that appears on the cover of it.

He was the fourth player in the history of San Diego Padres who manages to exceed 40 homers and just the ninth player to exceed the figure in the history of MLB 22 years old or younger. He is the second-youngest offense to hit that many home runs and steal at least 25 bases, behind only Ronald Acuña Jr.


Certainly, injuries played an important role in the campaign of Fernando Tatis Jr., who could only play 130 games (125 as a starter) throughout the year. However, there are precedents of players reaching the award Mvp with that amount or little more, as are the cases of Barry bonds (130 games in 2003), Mookie betts (136 games in 2018) and Mike trout (134 games in 2018).

There are several precedents of players who have reached the Mvp with fewer games, but in a full 162-game season, George brett He has been the recipient of the fewest games played in a season (117 games in 1980) and a total of 12 players have won the award with 130 games or less.

With these arguments, taking into account their health limitations and the general numbers of Tatis Jr., it is fair to say that he is a more than apt candidate to be crowned as the first Mvp Dominican in more than a decade.

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