Erik Morales explains why Juan Manuel Márquez lies by saying that they never helped him in his career

Erik Morales explica por qué Juan Manuel Márquez miente al decir que nunca lo ayudaron en su carrera

Erik “Terrible” Morales assured that Juan Manuel Marquez he’s a liar by saying they never helped him in his boxing career.

“He’s won more than three vacant titles, he’s won two or three interim titles, then he really won a world title, no bullshit. And went to Pacquiao, ahh and I think you too (pointing to Marco Antonio Barrera) ”, He said during the podcast One More Round.

“Yes, he also took it away from me in a super pen,” Barrera replied.

“So from there on out he did not win a title, he has six world titles or seven, I don’t even know, but he has not won all of them against the number one or against the champion,” Terrible continued. “And then he says nobody helped me, how the hell they didn’t help him, of course they helped him”.

Terrible he went with everything to Marquez calling him a gossip and a liar for not telling the truth about his boxing career.

“Offering him an interim degree is helpful. And let it be clear, we do not speak ill of MarquezWe only clarify so that one does not feel cooler than the other, “he said. “So when he says that they didn’t give him anything, son of a bitch, don’t be a gossip and a liar.”

Érik Morales told of part of the help that Juan Manuel Márquez received

Erik morales He kept adding fuel to the fire when he remembered how he won Marquez his first world title in his career.

“What do you complain about Marquez? Since he always says that they did not stop him, they did not do him the favor, he was always the chingón, “he said.

“Márquez, like everyone else, we have received help in a certain way, I remember that his first world title was won against him. ‘Butters’ Medina, and he who is my friend and I respect him, he was already grown up, he had already fought with all the lions, he was about to leave his career, he had been world champion five times and he fought with Márquez for the world title and that It was his first title of Marquez“, He sentenced.

Erik 'Terrible' Morales spoke about Juan Manuel Márquez

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