Everything you need to know in the run-up to the URBA First B, C and Second semi-finals

Everything you need to know in the run-up to the URBA First B, C and Second semi-finals

This Saturday the semifinals of the superior divisions of the URBA corresponding First B, C and Second. The matches will take place on the courts of the best positioned teams from 4.30pm.

First B

San Cirano vs. Naval High School (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After the restructuring and the pandemic, San Cirano had a very long wait because the central objective for 2020 was to achieve promotion. This year that focus was on from the beginning, that’s how they classified when they achieved the eleventh consecutive victory, against the City of Buenos Aires. On the twelfth date they suffered the only defeat (24-20 against San Martín) although the number one in the table was taken anyway with great authority. Liceo Naval was classified fourth, with a final fight that had Manuel Belgrano and Delta as the other clubs involved. With the victory against San Andrés, on the last date by 48 to 32, Juan San Miguel’s team got among the four best.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For two clubs with as much history as San Cirano and William, being one division higher would be the most logical thing to do. But fate deposited them in the First B, a category in which they differ from the rest by the weight of their schools. This tournament was no exception, now they only need the final auction to know who will compete for the only promotion. The Villa Celina club was the best of the regular stage and will retain its local status for the finals, while Liceo lost to the other three semifinalists, Hurling, San Cirano and San Martín, in addition to Manuel Belgrano.

BACKGROUND: They faced each other very recently, for the tenth date of the qualifying stage in which San Cirano won by 24 to 16. In Villa Celina, to find the latest success of Liceo Naval you have to go back to 2014. There, due to the Relocation of the Group I, William won with a tight 9 to 5

San Martín vs. Hurling (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Great game that will be experienced in Sáenz Peña between two teams that arrive with the same record, eleven wins and two losses, although San Martín is up by only one point of difference that came by obtaining a bonus more than his rival. They arrive with very good performances and a shock at the start of URBA that was for the green. Then, for the tricolor there was only one other fall, on the sixth date against SITAS. From there he made a tremendous final sprint, with seven consecutive wins. Hurling lost to San Cirano on the second day and on his visit to Universitario de La Plata, on the seventh date, in Gonnet (a field that is always difficult for green). From that game he won everything he played, with a striking forcefulness, especially because of how he beat rivals from the hierarchy of Liceo Naval and Manuel Belgrano, who deposited him in the classification zone.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For San Martín this year was an interesting challenge after losing two categories in a row. They played a very good championship and are up for the challenge of winning a very even semifinal against Hurling. They rely on a mix of experience and youth and the effectiveness of Franco de Giovanni against the sticks. Green is encircled in a common goal, based on what happened on the fateful afternoon at SITAS. From then on the team had no roof, played better and better and traveled to Sáenz Peña to settle a very open semifinal in the previous forecast.

BACKGROUND: Without knowing that they were going to cross the semifinals again, this year they opened the tournament in Hurlingham, with a victory for the green by 28 to 23. They have not played in Sáenz Peña since 2016, when they shared Zone A of Group I. On that occasion the tricolor won with a wide superiority by 30 to 6.

First C

CU Quilmes vs. Military High School (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: With a spectacular campaign, Círculo Universitario de Quilmes won the regular stage with 13 consecutive victories. The team of Ramos and Farré was categorical and reached the semifinals as the favorite, ensuring local status from here to the final. They had not had such a good streak since 2009, a tournament where they won ten consecutive wins. With Leandro Gauto as leader and captain, they know that these are separate games and that the undefeated series does not count in these definitions. Liceo Militar had a perfect start, until the fifth date where he crossed paths with the Italian Club who took away the undefeated. There, in series he had to lose to Vicentinos and CUQ, to later recover and reach the classification with a win against Monte Grande by 30 to 0.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Quilmes they are very confident about what they have done so far. They won with authority most of the matches, and except for the visit to Brandsen, where they beat Progreso on the hour, the rest of the matches were won without problems. Liceo Militar has already surpassed the team that lost the category in 2019. He made a change with a lot of youth, he spent almost the entire tournament in the qualifying positions and travels to Quilmes to see if he can hit the ground running and reach the long-awaited final.

BACKGROUND: The faces were already seen in Quilmes on the seventh date of the first round. There Círculo prevailed by 19 to 12. To find the latest success of Liceo Militar on the CUQ field, you have to go back 16 years: they won in 2005 by 21 to 13.

Vicentinos vs. Italian Club (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If there is a club that was a revelation for its style of play and the great results it obtained, it was Vicentinos. Until the eighth date they were all victories, including against their direct rivals, Club Italiano and Liceo Militar. But on the ninth day they ran into CUQ, and in a great game they couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the blue offensive (28-42). Even so, the Barrio Manuelita team regained its focus after falling on their court against Atlético and Progreso de Brandsen and scored in the semifinals on their own merit. Club Italiano began the tournament with a well-defined objective: to seek promotion after two close occasions, the 2018 playoffs against San Patricio and the 2019 playoffs against the City of Buenos Aires. The team led by Javier Moldes with a great staff was very competitive, they only lost tightly to Vicentinos and CUQ and managed to qualify in advance of this semifinal.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For what he did to Vicentinos in the year, he must be respected, especially for his vocation to attack (with 545 they were the most effective in the division). The team led by Matías Altamirano showed many resources and skills when he had good results. On the side of the Italian Club, the main characteristic was demonstrated by his good defense. Together with CUQ they were the most solid teams in the category, so from that base they will seek to put pressure on their rival to lead him to make a mistake and achieve his goal. They both arrive very even and with many aspects in common that give them almost the same chances of going to the final.

BACKGROUND: The duel that already had its first chapter on the Vicentinos field is repeated again on the seventh date of this tournament. There the locals beat the Italian Club by 28 to 23. The Tanos already know what it is to win in San Miguel: they celebrated only twice, in 2018 by the minimum, 33 to 32 and in 2019, by 24 to 17.


Argentine Rugby vs. Del Sur Rugby (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: He was one of the great protagonists of the URBA categories in 2021. In the stage prior to the semifinals, it seemed like a team with no rivals in sight. He reaches it with an undefeated 13 wins and a cumulative 18 games without losing since the 2019 tournaments (the last fall was on September 14 of that year against GEI). In this previous stage he already crossed paths with Del Sur on the last date, both already classified, and thrashed him by 55 to 8. They arrive with an average of more than 50 goals per game. For its part, Del Sur was the fourth classified and also did it with anticipation, like the other semifinalists. The cast that has Juan Compiano as Head Coach only lost four games in the qualifying stage. Visits to San Pedro and Las Cañas cost him dearly, although later when he had to fight for qualification he won a great match against Mercedes, another of the semifinalists.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: If what they have done to date does not mark a precedent, playing against CAR in Avellaneda will not be an easy task for Del Sur RC. Because this year, there, in its redoubt on Av. Eva Perón 1430, the Argentine Club never fell below 35 points and against Los Cedros it was dispatched with nothing less than the biggest win, by 82 to 3. For Del Sur, With only a few years at URBA, this will be a great opportunity to rub shoulders with the best. They come from the collective effort and after a very fought and enjoyed classification.

LBACKGROUND: With the four clubs already classified for the stage of the semifinals they had to face each other on the Del Sur Rugby field for the last date: the CAR, as was their custom in almost the entire round, thrashed their occasional rival by 55 to 8. However in Del Sur know what it’s like to win in Avellaneda. In their only visit in history they achieved it by 37 to 29, in 2019 and now they want to repeat it to access the final for the only promotion.

Saint Brendan´s RC vs. Mercedes rc (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After the descent of 2019 in Saint Brendan’s there was a profound change with renewal and even change in his name, already separated from the school. They faced this tournament with a lot of prominence and audacity that gave them great effectiveness (they scored 498 goals). They lost on the initial date of the tournament by 35 to 31 in CAR, which showed what they were for and in Mercedes, by at least 8 to 7, with a distance penalty on the last ball of the match. They played a great championship and arrive eager to fight for promotion. The Mercedes thing is also to be praised, with a regularity that never dropped them from the top three places. They only lost three matches, but they always responded to the height of the circumstances.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Urbieta and Kasparián managed to put two very competitive teams on the field after going through a pandemic that was very hard for the clubs in the lower categories. For both Saint Brendan’s and Mercedes the goal of being in the top four is already a success. Now they are going for the last step, although if you look back, the present is the best of the legacies.

BACKGROUND: They played a great game on the first wheel, with an agonizing victory for Mercedes, 8 to 7, at home. The other antecedent was much more distant and occurred in the Group IV tournament of 2005, Saint Brendan’s first year at URBA. There the team that depended on the school located on Echeverría de Belgrano street thrashed its rival 72-10. It will be Mercedes’ first official visit to Brendan’s RC.

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