“Finito López was in debt by not making a third fight with me,” says Rosendo Álvarez

Finito López quedó en deuda al no hacer tercera pelea conmigo, asegura Rosendo Álvarez

Ricardo “Finito” López was in debt when the trilogy was not completed with Rosendo AlvarezSaid the same former Nicaraguan world champion, sure that in equal physical condition the Mexican would never have beaten him in that third fight that did not take place.

“He was in debt Richard”, He assured Rosendo in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “Because he did not give the Mexican and Nicaraguan public the opportunity to have a third fight.”

Visiting Mexico to be part of the 59th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC), the Buffalo Alvarez said he even spoke to the promoter Don King. He told the promoter that he would charge less to make the fight, although the Mexican did not want to. Both were already light fly champions, but unification was not achieved.

“I was world champion again, now a light fly, and Richard of the FIB, but he never wanted to unify with me again, “he accused Rosendo. “He says they offered it to him and he said yes, but lie, I spoke with Don king. I said ‘pay me less, but I want that fight.’

Rosendo Alvarez surprised the Finito Lopez in the first fight, and although the judges gave a draw, the Nicaraguan seemed the winner. Afterwards, the two met again in a rematch, eight months later, but Alvarez He was exceeded by three pounds at the weigh-in. Even so, Ricardo Lopez He accepted the fight, and had to deal with a much larger opponent physically to earn him a split decision in another rowdy fight. Both fights were at minimum weight.

Finito López and Rosendo Álvarez

Finito López no longer wanted to fight Rosendo in the light fly, says Álvarez

Later, they both moved up to mini flyweight. Lopez was crowned by the FIB, and Alvarez by AMB, simultaneously. However, they were never able to face each other again.

One of the reasons why this third lawsuit was not achieved, he considers Rosendo, it is because they took great care of Finite. He added that if the winner had undoubtedly been achieved, it would be him.

“I knew that in equal physical condition, Richard He would never have beaten me, I knew I was stronger at 108 pounds than him and his team did not accept, that’s why the fight did not take place, “he says. Rosendo.

Asked if he thinks that Finite he shunned the lawsuit, he said yes. He reiterated that despite speaking with the promoter Don king to achieve it, it was not achieved.

“I say yes he shunned him, publicly he says no, but I say yes,” he said. Rosendo. “Talk to Don king personally and I told him: don’t pay me well, I want that fight and it never happened ”.

Finally, he remembered that in that decade of the 90 and before, the best faced each other. They fought for honor and not for money, and they even had to sign with the promoter of the legendary Don king so that he would face twice with Ricardo Lopez.

Don king faced the best with the best ”, concluded the Buffalo Alvarez. “I had to sign with him to fight with Finite”.

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